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(Kill 'em)

He killed them all, big and small
So he could put their heads up on his wall
It was the day Ted Nugent killed all the animals
ain't all that bad.
Buck up little camper, don't be sad.

Maybe you could go hunting with Ted Nugent
And see how many animals you could kill.
I'd pay
Written by Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades, Ted Nugent

Ooooh ya got busted
On a midnight ride
And now ya want justice
Well, just step inside

He's gonna
missile launched fire burn quick, every shit we drop
From the ground with another sound yes we put it down
And always boom and pound, so we shut 'em down
was in the shower
I rushed her quick so she wouldn't have a chance to holler
and said "shut the fuck up hoe"
and slammed her motherfucking face against
and Tom were sly
But Ted was honest as could be he would not tell a lie
The brothers tried to ruin Ted before the old man's eyes
At last the plot begin its
Put your fist up and vent your pain
Does anyone around me feel the same
Put your fist up and vent your pain

As days go by, my heart grows cold
I can't
Presidential candidates can't debate over this instrumental.
Let 'em freestyle, winner takes all,
When the music?s dead, I'll have Ted Nugent?s head hangin'
down like a private detective
Then put you in your proper perspective
And tell you shut the fuck up

To all you shitty drawls cats
Shut the fuck up
the street nigga, you're done
Like a child support judge, we hold court son
Glen Beck want us all to die
And Ted Nugent want us all to die
But real niggas
the headturner
Every step you take
Televised by Ted Turner

Sunday drain the tray
But drew the foul on NBC
Ain't no stoppin me
I told y'all
Yeah, yeah
You know what we fin' to do
Shut 'em down, shut 'em down
(Yo word up, yo)
It's time to take over the world!

Shut 'em down, shut 'em
what up? (Put up or shut up)
Poppin' shit about the chicks and the whips you got
You think you hot? (Uh-uh, man you put up or shut up)
Always talkin'

Ringin' the bell, heard a yell but wasn't sure
Dropped my luggage to the ground, put my ear to the door
Slow music, H-Town, no that's down low
Shut up, shut up, shut up
Shut up, shut up, shut up

One year and still the same -- Don't wanna be left aground
Your bullshit and lies to blame --
got the dizzoe? Then meet me by the sizzoe
Me and Big Kirk, Uncle Nut, by a fizzoe
D and Hoy posted up by the Nolia (ya heard)
See Jeeko and Mutsi, they

Scary breeders
They run me out of town
Creepy breeders 

When the baby feeds
And the implant leaks
It's a screaming monster 

Shut it up
yet to come, and yes, believe this

Leggo my Eggo while I flex my ego
Sip off my 'secco, dressed up tuxedo
Sipping coffee, playing Keno in
acts up (Oh) that's when you put it on, 
(Oh) Been on him up tight (Oh) this is your song 
(Oh) Hold out your back (Oh) time to impress 
(Oh) Pull out
girls are so real
Said it’s been a minute since I had some
He’s been acting up
But he won’t be the only one
Cause when he acts up, that’s when you put
shut it down when the time comes
Oh, pull out the big guns
Oh, and put your freakum dress on

Oh all the ladies, you ain't these
All dressed up in
Are you listenin' now?
Are you feelin' that way?
Aren't you terrified?
Of wakin' up too tired to try again?

Are you happy now
That you've shut
Oh, shut it down when the time comes
Oh, pull out the big gun
Oh, and put your freakum dress on

All the ladies, you ain't these
All dressed up in
ready fi this
Mr. Lover keep yuh rockin di beat

I said hey (Hey) you (You) standin over there by that wall
Get (Get) up (Up) do your thing
up man?) what you doing down here man?
(hey man I'm working here)
you ain't working nobody in this mothafucka man
(this mans chief told me to)
hey fuck