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thousands fans, 40 niggas on stage
I heard 40's 40 but 40 don't act his age

40 stay relevant, 40 ain't never played
40 ain't a punk, 40 will pull
And come up and do a walk by on your bitch-ass
It's nay thun, don't give a fuck about how much money you got nigga
It's about how you outsmart the next nigga
punk heat
I make a massacre, try to rob one of my donkeys
But I ain't wettin' that
I don't wanna send nobody back, violently, fakin' that
Are you ready for death?
Here's your cemetery plot

Animosity pushes me to killa dreams in my sleep - 
Fatal thoughts of puttin' punk
an automatic
Flem got the 40
He gone get rowdy
And ya don't want that shit
Cause its gone be naughty, by nature
Fuck a playa hater
Ima come through
And ya know