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turnin' shit down but my damn collar
Police pointin' at me, tryna snag me by my damn collar
Gucci Mane ain’t never graduate but I’m a trap scholar
L-0 told me give it you so you finna get it man
Gucci pulled up in a Aston
Parking lot, Club Crucial, my rims doin' the pool palace
Ice stampede
Bitch you don't want bet
Pull up in my Chevy Vett
Nah you ain't ready yet
Wetter than your girl get
Dolce 'Bana, Dolce shades, Don't you wanna see
and Ms Johnson
we mixing drinks right now y'all

I step up in the spot and all the heads turn
pull up in the green apple beema
ya boy so hot the club
on the up
Like a elevator
Gucci Mane and Tity Boi
College Park and Decatur
Now I do it for the haters
Started with a Buick LeSabre
Ended with that