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Tractor Pull


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my AP nine on jam
I'm a rider you can't take it out of me man
I be wilding, you can wait by my house for me fam
I will fire and drop a hater right
I'm a bust my shit 
Scary niggas in your click ain't prepare for this 
Double eye slugs and twelve gauge think this 
Hit em with the AP 9 or the M 1
???? ???? California, I'm best ta warn ya you'll end up like Freddy 
Fuckin' with my 'fetti, we mobbin' three-deep in Chevy 
AP-9, Bo and I rider, we
to make that mail
Day by day livin'
An nobody don't want no static
A-P 9 in the attic
Five stripes, I'm wreckin' traffic
Pullin' a G daily
Watch how I