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initial perception quickens my heart rate
This dark place planet Earth orbits one star
Come from afar far away state of mind
Open up your 3rd eye Black
these mics
It'd rain for 40 days & 40 nights
& I'd return on the 3rd like Christ
Without my physical portion
My spirit a poltergeist for sure
I'll be back
a landslide, pull off an upset 
Hold the burner close by my hands and my pocket 
Hold the trophy high and keep my eyes on the prophet 

[Inspectah Deck]
Oh one time they threw buck out the 3rd story window he landed on the ground *thud* that cat was stiiiill goin jack! haha We were all goin "GOO AHEEAD
All rap for everybody, West Cola
Open up my 3rd eye, let my spirit speak
Time to re-unite the family
Military Mind, searchin for thug heaven
And his bloodshot eyes saw all that lay between him

And fulfillment of his vow

And he felt his fingers wrap around a knotted root

And pulled his body
burn, burn, burn

I arrived on the planet, never took the Southside for granted
Smoke a little, keep a high standard
The Roots are my niggas so I
kids speakin' 'cause it's naturally in us
But the false prophets by tellin' us we born sinners
Venders of hate, got me battlin' my own mind state
at you
Looks just like you, got you eyes, and you whole disguise
Reflections, he seen his image in the lake
Reflected on the grass roots which harbors
"Here comes the rugged one" [Repeat: x4]

Well I'm that ill shitty kid
They call the Prof Nitty kid
I'm one motherfucking ill crazy
sing to the only acceptable offering
All things reconciled by His death on the cross beam
With blood that was clean, and blood that "ca-ching!"