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War at 33 1/3
Haven't you heard
I got quick and clever
At the level of a scientist
With this list my fist pumps chumps
And don't miss
to west
Knowledge step, 33 degrees
327 left to see
So God created a light in which I shine
With sublime rhymes that inclines the mind
Define ancient
and gutters 
From coast to coast, east to west, south to north 
It's people talking of course! 
Like life is a courtroom 
Most bullshittin' from midnight
to rock, YOU!
We're the kings of swing
And we're chosen to rule
The deans of clean inside the cool school
We're the chiefs of relief
Contained by wild
Missin' all the blocks cuz I'm surrounded by woods now
It's supposed to be good now
It's like I'm walkin' tight rope and can't look down