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You can be my private dancer..
(Now) you, you can by my, you can be my private..

Verse One:
Walk in the spot, lookin' fly, at the corner of my eye, see
as a king with Reilly's daughter.

Suddenly a footstep on the stairs
Who should it be but Reilly out for slaughter
With two pistols in his hands
the channels, Fox 5, 11 and 2
He said be safe lil' bro
Just hit me when you need some money
We taking G4 private plane
We 'bout to leave the country

It’s a knock
that hoe candy, workin it backwards
Lookin at her titties got my dick hard like she's a private dancer
Kicked the door down, his pants down, my gat in
earrings, someone must be tuggin'
You were a dancer who could always be found clubbin'
Now you're world renowned with the frown you're luggin'
Come to think
Just keep me coming
And I come running
Cause I'm your dog
Baby I'm your dog
So whenever you call
I come running

She's impressed by a fat
Bitch, you know you've been fucked by many
       So come and be my private dancer
       I got some money if that's the answer
       I really want to be
I like big booty and big ol' titties
Bitch, you know you've been fucked by many
So come and be my private dancer
I got some money if that's
strip dancer that you met in a club

they turned dollars into dimes and dimes to dubs
mesmorized by your brothas when I enter the club
and though
To Cali Cali, is we strapped? Yes!
Private jet, gat in the vest, packed with the (?)
Hit Nate soon as I land, hop in the van
Everything calm and cool,
TVs, plush leather livin comfortably
And my own private dancers to keep my dick up
Two big niggas for my pick ups, ready to do my stick ups
Never make my enemy public
I'm a private dancer
Dancing for money
(Let's get together, let's rock!)

D-d-d-d-dance Monkey
Dance you god damn Monkey
don't stop"
*repeat x2*
"Now I'm gonna show you how the East Coast rocks"
"??? are jumpin out of shoes and socks"

Verse One: Dray, Books

No ceilings
Oh oh OK, I got this chrome on this Bugatti
I'm strong in this Bugatti
2 v8's aint no such thing as driving calm in this Bugatti
What the FUCK you thought
That Fiend 
State ya rank
The silent private
That be pistol whippin niggas down to the ground
Till there bodies turn blue
saying greatness is my tendency
No such thing as sympathy, more money, my remedy
Pockets on, heavy D, bitch I'm hot, third degree
Whip I drive? Owned by
ya mouth away
Hit the, hit the stage, bring it, bring it on to the flo'
Stick the money in my lace strap if you want a show
I'm a private dancer, be
[Fiend talking]
Yo, Yo
What's up to all my muthafuck soldiers, 
My thugs, my warriors, my survivors out there
It's Fiend excited private wit'
she started stalking
Pop all the perky, yeah a halftime
Little mamma pussy soaking, yeah it's bath time

I put a nine inside a two liter
I'ma send