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was o' so young
Misshaped before my time
Ride metallic monsters
And there's mud in your eye
For lady do or die

It makes a woman bleed
Can't give
It's another woman
Hey, it could be me, it could be anyone
Yeah, she got the energy to blind the sun
And she make me glow
She sparkle and I see
sung by Nina]
All I ever wanted was for him to see
Was that I was all the woman he would ever need
I?ve given all of me so unselfishly
And now he?s
taking her
Though she kinda knew,
What made the ride peaceful was the trees and the sky was blue
Arrived to Middle-sex Prison about six inna morning
she'd live with no arm
That's what it felt like, got to the hospital, eyes held tight
They moved her room to room-she could tell by the light
daughter to be by her mother's side
Time for this beautiful woman to become soft again
Time for her to breathe, and not be told how or when
She untangled
every morning in the face of a cop
Because I used to take the nine and go ( *3 shots* )
So now I'm in prison and yo, it's like apartheid
Looking back now, I probably should've let him run

He smelled like gin with a hint of her
Up 'til then I wasn't sure
But he swaggered by and said
woman with a young little pretty face
They told you not to go get married but you went and did it anyway

Singin', oh sweet sounds of American you