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Well, tell me baby
What's gettin' wrong wit'ch you?
Why don't you hear me, pretty mama
Listen to what I'm sayin', bay-by?

Tell me baby
Frank zappa (guitar, synclavier)
Steve vai (guitar)
Ray white (guitar, vocals)
Tommy mars (keyboards)
Chuck wild (piano)
Arthur barrow (bass)
wave hand
And not wave hand like it's a heat wave
So you make a fan by waving your hand
I'm talking wave like you saying "hey"
Man, and not hay for
kid, chin on the flo'
Now you tryin' to spend your dough, so your women'll know
I'm still Juice but big Panik put the gin in the flow
Now the flows are
My prism is shimmering glistening I'm giving off
A ray of light, ironic 'cause my name comes from the dark
I am the spawn of the sin of my pops,
Hopped in the Granada, he's impressed by the beat I got 
His name is "hay-zoos" but his pimp name is "gee-zus" 
Slapped a hoe to pieces with his plastic