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just sits all day and all through the night 
Praying for a vision or a heavenly light 

Cause he's willing to wait for the miracle 
Willing to wait
than you and me
The whole city is a dance floor
(Huh) It's a celebration
For the whole world to see
Things are really changing
From Africa to Asia
spun out of control
Like you never saw the road ahead
Have you ever just kept looking back
Ever closer to the edge

I was praying for the light I
on the operating table
Praying for Canibus to slice you from head to navel
You banned from TV, banned from CD's
Banned from DVD's and downloadable MP3s
wanted is a miracle
A miracle

Craving for a way to escape
Ordinary days
Terrified to walk out the door
Will I regret what's in store?
Well can't
I've been touched by an angel
If I'm dreaming let me sleep
I've found the deepest love
One I know I'll always keep

I was praying for a miracle
It was
I?m all alone

? For her

Keep yours to yourself

Cause I?m trying to hold on

To her as long as she can stand it too

Been prying off my fingers one by
I found it difficult
To be a storytelling failure
For all those years
Living was a challenge
That caught me so off-balance
And passed me by
But he looked up to the sky 

Said you don't owe me nothing and as far as I know 
Lord don't owe nothing to you 
And I ain't asking for a miracle
back again someday

I'd give up everything just to hold you once again, 
I'm praying for a reason to make you understand, , 
And if I knew
is burning
In a house across town
She's pacing by the telephone
In her faded flannel gown
Asking for a miracle
Hoping she's not right
It was a miracle I even got out of longwood alive
This town full of men with big mouths and no guts

I mean, if you can just picture it:
are praying down on their knees
For a miracle in Memphis
Lord won’t you help them please

For the kids, we’d trade all our tomorrows
And for
It was a miracle I even got out of longwood alive
This town full of men with big mouths and no guts

I mean, if you can just picture it:
I think I know is just static on the radio
Static on the radio
(Ain't praying for miracles, I'm just down on my knees)
Static on the radio
die in my sleep
I listen to the jukebox and sit by the bar
Taking care of a dog that got hit by a car
Praying for salvation, needing a miracle
We hope you just open up your mouth and glorify God.
Has he done anything for you?

Worthy to be praised,Worthy to be praised

me in the eye, and said "nigga you fucked up"
You’re banking on good luck, you wishing for miracles
You never been through shit, you’re crying
out, son, niggas know the outcome
Lay low, stay low, you may see Jesus
You hit with a stray, yo, for no fucking reason
You praying for a Benz, it's
getting mommy money for crack
A little boy molested by his step-father, hopeless
The little boy grew up now, he's molesting his own kids
The government
When there's none left to collect
So you go on and make more
But wait, why'd you lose them to the state for?

The next time you see me
It'll be
and chemo going 12 rounds with a disease and they both losing the fight
I'm rushing up to Cedars-Sinai
Praying for a miracle, I don't wanna see my idol die