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Thus to holy war, our songs that turned to roar
Onward in our cause, we judged by holy laws
Hailed the sacred creed, fell on bended knee
Death that
May my prayer like incense rise before You
The lifting of my hands a sacrifice
Oh Lord Jesus turn Your eyes upon me
For I know there is mercy in
put a veil
Over my creed

So sweet my fever now
Embraced by its tainted wings
Cup my hands and taste the spite
Immune to the truths you told

Cold still waters running deep
Pale before the eyes
By the hands that feed
Thunder clouds the skies
Drifting with the tide
look up, look up and sing God's praise
All our trials and troubles will soon be past
Oh, we'll rise to meet Him in the sky
We'll see our Savior by
Are you born from the abyss
And have you sought the creed 
That drape the shadows
Of your own thought?

Is your heart mesmerized 
By the fire
Cold still waters running deep
Pale before the eyes
By the hands that feed
Thunder clouds the skies
Drifting with the tide
Healer of my heart

Every prayer every cry
You alone satisfy
We will lift Your praise
Again and again

Jesus Lamb of God
In this world of sorrow I've seen trouble and woe
When I get to glory I'll see no more
For I know my prayers have not been in vain
When I get
We praise the saviour
Observe the ten commandments
Confess our sins

For time immorial
Man's mind gets inspired
By gift and faculty divine
There's Christmas in the eyes of every child

Once again the presents are resting by the tree
Once again we worship the One who came for you and me
I hear
Riding on the walls of your precious souls, yeah,
Indeed I will, indeed I will, yeah.
Praise it to the skies, everyday I rise,
Indeed I will,
or blessings sublime
when turmoil breaks through the shell of my comfort
my lack of a prayer life abort

White knucklin the rosary
I know my God by what He
Once you trust Him, you will receive

So by the time that you leave this building
My prayer for everyone in here is that you'll have your healing
his manly love inside
Await the coming of your lord
Again and again and again

A foul stench
Unleashed under prayer
By jesus and his
us through our final prayer.
Save me.

Send your donations,
Contribute to the cause.
Your righteous reward?

Praise the lord, praise god,
a shadow of a doubt
He lives forever so sing
(3) Sing a joyful song

Sing a joy..........

(5) Selah
My, songs and praises
Will never no, no, no
been told
It always sounded so right to me
To offer my prayers
With the hope to be free 
Mother Mary, is this wrong for me
To judge myself by what

All praises due to the Most High (To the Most Hight)
To the Most High heed your prayer to the sky
(You gotta keep your head up to the sky)
Cast in the pit , under false morality
Asphyxiated by the christian creed

I call to thee , ERESHKIGAL , queen of darkness
Condemned , for seeing
I want to start things out by giving testimony 
Cause one of my friends got ill seriously 
Now the doctor told him ain't no way you gone' live
somewhat of a thank you for all your help
Hope the angels take care of you 'til I see you myself

Praise, so many times I prayed for you
I put up prayers
Lord I adore you
More than I can show you
And it's by your mercy
That I stand before you
And as I worshp in truth
I express that it's you
I owe it
Writer Hank Williams

When I get to Glory, I'm gonna sing, sing, sing
I'm gonna let the hallelujahs ring
I'm gonna praise my
I keep from singing Your praise
How can I ever say enough
How amazing is Your love
How can I keep from shouting Your name
I know I am loved by