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Words and Music by Jeff Cook and Richard Scott
I am so happy with you in my arms.
Honey, don't you ever leave.
Lay back and love me and tellme
would get along nor sing a song
Cause everyone'd be singing for the king, am I wrong?!
I say yo, what's up, it's me again
Scott La Rock, KRS, BDP again
cash for eighty seven
Some did it got paid, some jams were never played
But I am just a poet who watched the whole parade
Go by, and why, cause they
But I was never even gone 

Pray for me my Sweet Marie 
I'm searching still for to see my sign 
Rolling on to a new day 
Down that midnight
to me, if you wanna battle....

[GR8 Scott]
Whateva' kid stop trying to show-off....

[Swel Boogie]
Who's you first of all?? nobody knows you up in
the era of the chocolate types 
Like your Bobby Brown, Aaron Hall and Wesley Snipes 
Including myself in the cipher the Big Daddy Kane is a part of it
Praying how me make it out the telly and touch

Fuck it, a Wesley Snipes movement on a Sunday in Bermuda
We laptop niggas, thugs in a computer
Praying how me make it out the telly and touch

Fuck it, a Wesley Snipes movement on a Sunday in Bermuda
We laptop niggas, thugs in a computer
wifey hitting me
What you want sweaty, lima beans and kidney
Trashed the beeper, slowly I reached for the reefer
Throw a Costa, peep oh son the house
it to the game before it's halftime
Ten stacks for the seats or you can have mine
Never seated by a snitch, they give me bad vibes
Pop a bottle
Funky 16 corners

Hot like Jill Scotts blues 
But damn too old for 22s
But I can still move
Lets roll
You cant do your thing 
If your
please excuse me sir 

Place down your bottle 

I didn't mean to step upon your eypps throttle 

And get her overheated ready to be treated 

of this Iron Hotel
Im goin back to that Dryland dirt

For some its just a livin
But for Us its our whole life
If it kills me Im gonna rake that dirt
My wee babe's cold in my arms
Lord Gregory, let me in

Lord Gregory, he is not here
I swear can't be seen
He's gone to bonny Scotland
It all feels the same (it's a Zulu love)

Dark as the midnight hour, I'm bright as the mornin' Sun
Brown skinned, but your blue eyes tell me
Some of us are green
Some are brown
Some are lost
Some are found
Sight unseen baby
Sound on sound
Pray for me I'm falling down

I was lost in
looking for your dealer
Trust me babe, I'll play the healer
The sweet brown sugar took her
She didn't come back
Obsessed by taboos

Remember when you've
it up in the trunk
AK-47, M-11 and a pump
Rolled by ? on Scott Street
School was letting out,
"Yo you ain't gonna shoot yet?" "watch me!"
The situation's got me guessin'
But the answer remains to be a question
He lived his life in a lie
I guess you only get a minute to pray, and a second to die
triller than Scott
Ain't nobody trill, man, I'm takin' they spot
These niggas is scared

Thirtys in the city movin' slow
30 30 3,500 for the coat
of this iron hotel
I'm goin' back to that dry-land dirt

For some it's just a livin'
But for us its our whole life
If it kills me I'm gonna rake that
went from clean to muddy
Polished to shine, the season to rhyme
Been down like brown, like dirt to the ground
Been looking for love, now I bubble like
to your mom about a love for her daughter
Suggesting to me that I just oughta
Watch myself
(Inch by inch)
Watch myself
(And use some sense) 
So I did
mellow my man my mellow my man my mellow my man my mellow my man 
For Scott Storch, my mellow my man 
Leonard Hubbard on the bass, my mellow my man
All Miami issues, Rozay handle for him
Same way Big Ducky do for me in California
Never slippin', got relationships with the trillest niggas