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Earth bound, by will of the Creator

[Brother J]
From amongst the stars, in a universe plane
Great void, the funk code plane
Going back
junkie brother, known by the emcee's,
For rippin' through tracks like epidemic disease,
And shout to J.C. 'cause' he reigns supreme,
'n' party people
grandma, still in the J's
Coco ave. fo-fo mag tucked away when the po-po's pass
Walked to the stove, but don't step on the old folk grass
A 80's baby like
goes out to my money earnin Mount Vernon crew
J. Daddy, James Huff, Pete Rock, Nick Love
Trak Boogie, and my man Chris Hughley
(You've got a)
(Lord Infamous da Scarecrow)
That power can change a lot of these niggas 
They step on a lot of toes,up that way up the ladder
But they don't,they