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Im duck down staff even when I'm by myself
Im boot camp clik even when I'm by myself
Im fab 5 even when I'm by myself
Im ogc even when I'm by myself
(not loud)Here I go drivin'by your house might as well throw some rocks at your window
(gets louder)Yeh... But you don't
to seem care, or maybe
through it
I'm Kurt Cobain but I just couldn't do it
No point in turning back just to hit rewind
Back to the future, Ma Marty McFly
Deep inside, there's
up with a silver string
Delivered by a fast train rearranging how I think
He said "I can't believe you even know that I exist,
I've got all of your
And please don't put me on a list, ring me through
Cause I been honest and been true to you

Let's drop some luxury goods on to their heads
Give them a DVD
Insanity, DVD, how I stretch 'em out
What the stress about? INS best out
Fact, you knew that before he left the house
Fresh at the produce section
Gaze at my
back in the day
My rhyming's iron height, defiant flight
Try and bite, like a razor in a candy apple
A taser and a jammy tackle
By a neighbor with
wood with wheel on
With a flyin' bitch some old gangsta shit
Flat screen DVD's smoking stank and shit

Ain't dat shit Sunday bull tank and shit
Top down
a big head later Mr. Lease Split Wig
Fucked around nigga 15, I spend
22's with the shoes, five T.V.'s
PlayStation with that DVD
Smoked out tent no need
catching hernias
'cause yo, I take it serious
My sneaky dad dropped all his money in Nigeria
Every Puerto Rican here be yellin', "Please annex us!"
"Oh, are