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And I know that she be feeling me

[Baby Bash]
She in love with a hustler, someone she could trust uh
Someone she could get down with, cause she don't
never was the fantasy 
Of what you want wanted me to be 
Don't judge me so harsh little girl 
So you got a playboy mommy 
But when you tell em my name
I betta boss up

Look don't know me, till you blow me....nigga

I betta boss up

Don't be a girl ????? for
Diamond life, sugar baby we dynamite,
Playboys and socialites, young and fly fly fly

1989: No pressure, but to the best that's in my section
Hey yo must not sleep
I bash the bracket open and breach
The priority's bleached since that seventy-six umbilical severed
Majority's cordially
stay thugged up to this lifestyle

Chorus: [Baby Beesh]
'cause I'm a quarterback
I smoke a quarter sack
Bash-a-reeny fettuccine
Mayne I told you
You're sellin' out souls but I care about mine
I've got to get stronger
And I won't give up the fight

With such confusions don't it make you wanna scream
Baby Bash, Mikael,
What is it?

Your body's like a rollercoaster
My favorite attraction let me get closer,
You're the drug I got addicted
get off on sleeping with you at night
But I tell ya what baby, you want me, here's what to do
I want a brick home like my mother's, ain't movin' down
you want me
Come get me, here I be
In the V-I, V-I waiting for the
Yo something in your wait, go through it
Pretend you got a swoosh in ya baby
B. Atrice get it right, don't tangle and twist it
Hit the club every night, drunk - drinkin' that Crissy
Niggas mad - don't like it 'cause I'm
yazz wha
I got land in Switzerland, even got sand in the Marylands
Bahamas in the spring, baby, it's a Big Momma thing
Can't tell by the diamonds in my
Don't anybody know that the city was made of immigrant blood and money
If I was in those shoes, a blackshirt with the playboy blues
I gotta get
Baby won't ya drive me mad? Baby don't ya let me be mad
Come on, get down

Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah, well, come on now
I sat down to the matters at hand,
Printz Board on the beat

Y'all ready
Show 'em how it is, mayne

Baby doll, I love it all
You know I love it all
I love
Up in the double are (R), just me and Slim
I'm getting cheesed by the milk stackin' cake, boy
Cash Money, how you luv that, playboy (playboy)?

by my woman, we're gonna come back ahead

Well I'm so mad this morning, I don't know which way the wind will go
You know I'm so mad this morning,
saved by John the Pope
The M, A, see and K, from Oakland, California
I'm Too $hort baby, no I don't play, I'm macking

Freak nasty, I like your dance
He's got his
Playboy decal
On his
Corvette windshield
He's obsessed with sex
Impressed by the rich
He's been
Gainfully employed for years
a ticket to ride,
But she don't care

I don't know why she's ridin' so high,
She ought to think twice,
She ought to do right by me
Before she gets to saying
It's a mack attack, coming from way back
My name is Too $hort baby, I don't play that jack
I'm from the Dangerous Crew, and I tell you it's true
She ought to think twice,
She ought to do right by me
Before she gets to saying goodbye,
She ought to think twice,
She ought to do right by me
go down
Yea, your baby daddy mad, you woulda spilled the beans
Don't get mad 'cause she on my drill team
I turn virgins into sex fiends
I turn
other day a body's found, yo
Got mad stacks, don't even move kid I'm strapped
Tez got mad stacks inside his napsack
Here's a warning, I gets my meth
And you run up behind me trying to get pregnant by me 
And in a year, I'll bet you'll be on welfare 
Don't cry for help dear, you put yourself