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Money only last so long like a played out song
But when you walkin' right you can't go wrong
So all my SoulJahz in or out the game put your hands in
criticize my crew
'Cause when you point your finger at me
Three is pointed back at you
Actin' like a fool, whether it be jealousy or envy
everywhere put the peace sign up now
Rebel music, hold on, listen

Tell the DJ turn the music up
Gangsters in the club, everybody thugs
Me I play
play by the rules
By cheating in the game called life
We conquer all the fools

Nice boys finish last

We're always the first
To cross the line
just been a belly flopper

For all my outlaw renegades
Ripping up them backroads
Put up your rebel flag 
Whip it like a lasso, like a lasso,
Jackson the P won't quit
I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6

Don't make me act a fool (What!)
Don't make me act a fool (What!)
Don't make me
Jackson the P won't quit
I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6

Don't make me act a fool (What!)
Don't make me act a fool (What!)
Don't make me
Like a pendant on the neck of a queen
Ten thousand scars embrace of the stone
As we dance on the stake and a beat
Accuse me, fool me, take all my
lived in the ghetto)...or the projects 

But I wear my Tim boots and Hi-Tecs, and I wrecks havoc 

And if you try to play me I won't have it
somebody lose
This rebel never played a fool, I only play by my rules
Love, live and learn
Yo I can take you higher boy a hotta' then a pern? Ya heard
to guide me anyway 
You only wanted me to play 
A fool 
Play by your rules 

Now my door has swollen from the rain 
God knows we'll never see her face
she does I somehow justify

I'm April's fool
I play by her rules
She treats me any old way she wants to
Just as sure as clouds bring
I am a fool for you baby
That's what it takes to get in your mind
I am a fool for you baby

It takes a fool to step by
I've been a fool
drive-by I shoot
Blast their ass, smoke the spot like a genie
Many niggaz want to be one, but they don't want to see me
MACK the renegade rap rebel, ghetto
the years roll by

Me and Johnny
We're gonna play tonight
It's gonna be alright
We're gonna have fun tonight
Me and Johnny
We may get blood on our face
I'm chasing nickles and dimes
The rest of the world passes me by
Nah, Nah, Nah, I'm just wasting my time
I'm just sitting here and wondering why?
Old Johnny Cash help me walk the line
Old Bobby Marley how your soul does shine
Old Woodie Guthrie has a rebel heart 
Old Bille Holiday sings like
I know I was a crazy fool
For treating you the way I did
But something took hold of me
And I acted like a dustbin lid

I didn't give second
be rebel blood
Just a-runnin' through my veins
But I ain't no hypocrite
What you see is what you get
And that's the only way I know
To play the game
drive a Pinto
I was there, nothin polite, me and my fools
The ghetto, field mice and rat drippings up in my shoes
A rebel, without a pause, commodes n
crusade we're on 

Now tell me, who do I look like to you? 
Someone you thought you knew 
Drinking wine in the afternoon 
A rebel today is tomorrow's
fingers that are stealing from you (4x)

(Capture the flag)

One by one like little confused penguins
Larceny's yes when fools used weapons
You find an MC like me who's strong
We leavin' muthafucka's aborted
With no verbal support
When I command the microphone 
I gets deadly as Congo
of art 
Well you can't play love by numbers baby gotta play it all by heart 
Baby, baby, baby, baby 
It happens all the time 
How you play me, play me
Farad Muhammad
Medgar Evars and Bob Marley, I'm God-Body
The scripture says Allah's inside me, show love
I was hugged by the arms of Gandhi, gave me my