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eggs of decreation 

There would be colonies 
Mushroom-scattered forever out of context 
Rising spores from a dying world 
To pollute to chase away
your free it's multiplied indefinitely
By the struggle that be the struggle I see
To socialistically united the third world countries
Expose hypocrisy
Ignored by the world we attacked
Everything seemed so fake and plastic
You were so cool and sarcastic
You looked over your shoulder
And I was always there
Jesus walked upon the water; man walked on the moon
Now the world needs another miracle

1903 fly high in the aeroplane and 1904 where
the thirteenth knot (Hangman)
I arrange panoramic of a plastic catalogue
And where wild dogs sing tailor-made lullabies tried by my offspring
I'll bring
that time flies by
And in forty years the world has changed
As well as you and I.
this American ride

Poor little infa-Miss America's down
She gained five pounds and lost her crown
Quick fix plastic surgical antidote
Got herself
this American Ride

Poor little Lithamus, Americas town.
She gained five pounds and lost her crown.
Quick fix plastic surgical antidote.
Got herself
was givin' them a lift to the promised mall

But somewhere by the tv that v-12 stalled
As he loaded the chamber her eyes got starry
It ain't the end
of a parachute Mr. Drug War Junta-Man himself George Bush used when he bailed out of that bomber in World War II?

Hemp was illegal by then, but farmers were
made of plastic? 
Is the city buried in dreams? (Yeah) 
Is the world made of plastic? 
Cause that's the way is seems (Owww) 

Watching TV so bored,
Twenty four seven three sixty five
Everything that kills me makes me feel alive

This house is haunted
I hear the sound
Of my faith being taunted
can't see 

Is the world made of plastic? 
Is the city buried in dreams? (Yeah) 
Is the world made of plastic? 
Cause that's the way is
As the bombs rained on the world

Here I am 
Walking the block 
To TableTalk 
You could cry or die 
Or just make pies all day 
I'm making pies
of tomahawkes
Giving middle fingers to the pigeons doing somersaults
Road runners don't fall off cliffs, they run across
Anomalies by the colonies flukes by
stronger than in Albany
This colony’s economy’s increasingly stalling and
Honestly, that’s why public service
Seems to be calling me (he’s just non-stop)
the gauntlets hung in quotas

My kitchen sink leaks like your itching to speak a secret
'Bout the world spins yet nobody's pledged allegiance and why?
was lost here
Wings clipped by the grip of 80 milligram sniffs of Oxycontin
Everyday through the nostrils
Never went away, never does it stop there
Hold on now, don't die now, be strong now
He said, I was born a crack baby
In a plastic bag in the alley
Raised in a foster home
With no mother
urine puddles
You're in trouble
I'm not trying to save the world I'd rather watch it die slow
So I could spit my grand I-told-you-so
Are we having fun
have blackened my soul
And I burn because I feel controlled
So I do what I gotta do
Voice my hatred love has faded
Jaded by the world that I'm living
[Featuring see-Murder, Gambino Family, Mac, Master P] 

[Master P] 

We the worlds biggest click, No Limit niggas we riders 

The worlds
Of plastic explosive if I need them for signal flairs. goshdarnit, 

I'm the intesifying image of your last hope incarnate, 
Five percent
a girl was
fucked by a dog. So she went to the pet store - but felt
stupid - and came home with a goldfish in a plastic bag.
The fish's name is
This is the Invasion!
The Evil Genius Green Lantern!
Immortal Technique, "The 3rd World"
(It's on now motherfucker - ha ha, drop)
You ain't