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and stand in line

we are moving closer to
Deceit and all is solitude
So be a part of the new start
'cause he wouldn't go this far as the

sun is still
could know me
I'm talking all night long
Talking all night

There's a copper moon that's buried
Where solitude expands
And distant planets moving
Mmm mmm yah
I'll take you there
I'll make the most of it
Mm mm yah
You can't confess
'Cause everyone has goals to live

There's addicts by
There were a dozen dead bodies in the Euston road, their outlines softened by the black dust. All was still, houses locked and empty, shops closed,
Part One:
This is a world blessed by the victims of carnal tragedy
The humans ritual of love and adoration dense-waven history
Sentiments decide
In a very distant future, the last generation of planet earth 
has come to a point where they cannot brred anymore. 
When everybody had lost their