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(So tell me now, what do you stand for?)

Not long ago the darkest place
Shadows live and light escapes
Empty hands and hollow eyes
That never
linking tings in parks
Now I got a tune with Linkin Park
Like goodbye to my old hoe’s
Goodbye to the cold roads
I can't die for my postcode
(feat. Linkin Park)

[Chester Bennington]
Together we made it
We made it even though we had our backs
Up against the wall

[Busta Rhymes]
a spaceman
Digging out my heart
In some distant sand dunes
In a car park

By the empty harbour
Where the phantoms fall
Fight for happy valley
What she feelin' ain't the lyrics or my tape
What I'm killin ain't the instrumental
Go get them rentals for them sentimental dates
We linkin
on the Backstreet
You can live in Linkin Park, no matter jus to me
See the Prince of Peace is guaranteed to give ya what ya need [2x]


One day these
on the street
I wish you'd come to my place
You would be smiling
so close to me
I wish the day dream never ends

I'm the kind of girl,
who lives only for today
and the fatman's counting the cars
And there's more cars than places to put 'em, he said
But I've got room for them all
So round 'em up boys
'cause I want some
one time - no, two
Can't forget about the Queensbridge Crew
For this is the place which I made my mark
And those who resist or try to dis get sparked
were prime real estate, you see
And if we could keep them nice-looking
We could charge more rent for the places around town
Now, I know you guys have
didn't leave them anything
In the shadows the society feeds
Frozen asleep in the park


The siren sounds for the 5th time this night
this time
There's no compromise
And in the connon's glow
Yeah, we're side by side
We'll head for a forest
To a river of truth
There we'll take
for her to come by
She lives in one of those brownstones with the guard outside
and the limousines and the Rolls Royces comin' and goin'

My friends
the white

Yeah, I'm the good little holier than thou, hide my head in my hand
I hear no, see no, speak no, no, no, no understand

Well, I am the blackness, I
City walls where the neon spits as it falls
Two dark shadows fade in the night
This is no place for love
And in the park where the streetlight
There's no wall big enough for me to crash my head
You're too romantic and so foolish she equipped
Every love story will have it's own script
I pray my experience helps you
As for me I'm tryna sort it out
Searching for loop holes in my bruised soul
But who knows?
I just need a little
of chilly
Then I send a shorty from my block to the store for Phillies
After being blessed by the herb's essence
I'm back to my rest, ten minutes some odd
They probably'll banish me for spittin in how I'm live it
But I'm still with my tongue out - flickin it like a lizard
Bubba like chicken gizzards; fried
They used to do it out in the park
Every place they said his name it rang an alarm
Otherwise known as Mean Teen Tom
A brother whose known for his rap
Master MC 
One hundred skills if you ever try to fuck me 
Feet come first, sometimes not the head 
Some niggas eat, some don't get fed 
If you live by
of lard
I would buy more but the times is too hard
And I don't see why I have to work so hard
I can live off the chickens in my neighbor's yard

I got
The longing for me
Comin' down like hail
Why did you leave me?

Come here inside
And tell me how
How in my final days
You found around

Your concern
Let me begin by telling you
Something that happened turned my head around
I took a walk on a cloudy day
I met a friend, this is what he said
beating against you
The invisible pulse silently thumping

I shout my name in the public places
No one seems to notice 
No one understands
I stand