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the truth, Jah know mi never hide the fact

No couldn't love mi talk, no couldn't love mi chat
A who a try stop Buju fi reach pon top
Buju Banton, Luciano, two
get a chance fi mek a likkle step
Dancehall ram a mi say no place nuh lef
A police come a turn it off di vibes dem waan fi wreck
And dis is Buju Banton
Never jump up in-a mi face 'cause I gun
Never judge a book by di cover, dat's wrong
Dis is Fat Joe alongside di Banton
Hey, what about Pun?
sky fi mek di sun shine
Call out mi same and be there anytime
With you by my side, my life feel divine
What another man lost, let Buju be find
Show mi
dem both haffi watch 
den listen buju banton caw wi caan mis match 
anyway ketch dat, anyway watch dat 
some a dem a chat dis some a dem chat dat
seven coulda roll pon di dice 
Bomb she bomb she bomb a my choice 
Jump up up up yuh hear di golden voice, 
Come buju banton mi seh one song tell dem
Just fi come a dance dance come jump up
Fi Beenie, Buju Banton, Spragga Benz an di
Youth name Bounty,
Well watch dem a wine dem body
Ziggy Marley
Buju Banton raggamuffin with the Do Ray Me
'Loving Clear' by Ju Ju Royalty
Under the Maestro with I 'My Daddy'

Well, love and inity, is what
a automatic 
Fools they crush and mi seh eediat panic 
Spliff deh inna mi hand man a move like bionic 
Go deh Buju Banton wid a musical gift 
Ragga muffin
The funkadelic been rockin' mic's since the fourth grade 
I terminate like X and I terminate like Schwarzenegge' 
Dum di dum, rock like Buju Banton 
Soup like
a Beverly gone tell everybody

Well, tell 'bout 'Works To Do' by Ziggy Marley
Buju Banton raggamuffin with the Do Ray Me
'Loving Clear' by Ju Ju Royalty
Buju Banton
Light up your head like a lantern
Boy Better Know standard
"Look Out", that's the anthem
Ask all the mandem, out here in the grime scene
We muda say me name cruff
But still we remain tuff
Cause better must come!

Yo jah no steven yo mi ah likkle yute star
Me faddah don hav ah