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the trite words, on paper always smarter
Looking for the video locked in your left brain
A string of stealth encounters, making sex under the table
success taken from the simple plan
Proof lies in the past and brings silence to my worries
Everybody, everybody
Everybody sit your bitch ass down and
Listen to this true mothafuckin' story told by Kendrick Lamar on Rosecrans, ya
Cause a love like this is so hard to find
Don't want to live by no one else's designs
Though every day ain't glamorous, To me it's just fine
not perfect, but we do the best we can.
These are good times, pulling weeds and making plans,
Getting dirty good-time blisters on our hands.
These are
why don't you come to the crib-o?
We could wine and dine and relax on the low
And drink Mo, by the way, I just saw your video)
Yeah, true, I'm comin'
Got damn  I'm glad y'all set it off.
Used to be hard  now you're just wet and soft.
First you was down with the AK
And now I see you on a video with
Pillow fight
Video camera

Now we hooked up once
We've hooked up thrice
You've slept left side
And I've slept right
And we meet by
I learned so much about love
Since I've been by your side
And you spend all your time
Knowing what you've done for me
The simple fact is
And the other day in her Maybach
I thought god damn, this is the perfect time
We had just come from that video
You know LA traffic, how the city slow
She was
she fast to go
and blow like Curtis
double off in the lex
let me see if she worth it
gettin by so perfect
gettin by so perfect
last year I was mackin
night, baby, I work real hard
Simple motherfuckers tellin me hard is criminal
Niggas you thought was hard, you pourin out your liquor for
Years ago, I
the room by the hair
This is what happens to boys and girls
Whose penmanship is messy
Be neat, like the others
Follow orders
Obey what is put in front
[Intro: Christ Bearer]
I'm in the mood for love..
Simple because you're near me..
I need bud, won't you hear me..
I'm in the mood for love..
your hands.
I won't let you...

Hearts that Hate, Marty goes to their show, up in the club and here we go.
Marty sees a girl in a Simple Plan shirt
life right by the nuts, it's for the taking
Just a simple pain and it's over, no playing
Time is up, you're dead where you're staying, no delaying
I lay so I look both ways
Cop says, 'OK, my tint smoke gray'
No way, nigga leave without handin me my shit
Got plans to get my Land and my 6
of the great
magicians. An expedition of alien voyagers came upon
the now ice-covered sphere, drawn there by an
unexplained lone beacon far below the miles