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Let us pass through our perfect park
Pausing on a Sunday

By the cool, blue, triangular water
On the soft, green, elliptical grass
As we pass
started once to take a boat to Catalina Island
But lyin' on the beach was too much fun
There's gonna be the screaming Sunday night at Universal
And a party
I always have and always will 

One heart is a lonely place
While you've been loving someone else
One heart is an island baby
The fuck y'all thinkin?
This is Lonely Island!
Oh cause we got a little paper now?
And you see us on the TV
You think we don’t do fart jokes no more?
We were
you know where I'll be, yeah
In Tennessee

It's a Sunday morning, I awake, it's just another lonely day
I lie in bed and wonder how long is this