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the wine drink here toast to selfless ten year old port is perfect in court
Right Voice (Reed, Yule)
Safety is nice not an unwise word spoken scary, bad
found my soul mate finally
But one day I found out she actually owned a copy
Of Joe dirt on DVD

Oh, no! I said
Hey! Are we lobbing hand grenades, kiddo?
vanity and strength are washed away
Like the concrete moon is washed out by the day

You disappear, you burn down
A black wind carries you
Everybody, everybody
Everybody sit your bitch ass down and
Listen to this true mothafuckin' story told by Kendrick Lamar on Rosecrans, ya
Tea time

In our little house there's always room
for all the friends that help us through
these struggling days.

And we never want for
[Verse 1]
They say the top ain't acting funny
He ain't holla'd a day
He got the top back, you know his new Z28
Holla at ya (BOY!) with the 8 of us 8
now a modern day slavery
Tryin to gain brownie points and respect
Frontin when the government's also signin your check
When the boss says "fetch" you