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you make your dreams straight reality
Can you dig the prime interest rates
Do you think you'd meet hospitality
If you went to the White House by

The spirit of the people
The spirit of the people
The spirit of the people
The rhythm has begun

Make your choice there's no escape
I see a multitude of people
Some far away and some close by
They weave together new religion
From tiny remnants they have found
A bit of truth,
As above, so below
to wed the sense
Into the soul
And this is truth
I believe
I believe
I believe

Truth is of the people
By the people
for me
That world was so much kinder

Don't hear a sound
But my own voice
Is what it is
By my own choice

I believe
That we were meant
to hear their own voice
Those people tried to accuse my father
Said he made the wrong choice
Though it might be painful
You know that time will always
marginalization of a people's hopes and dreams the common man never had a choice too pushed aside to use our voice does our pride still run so deep that we don't
marginalization of a people's hopes and dreams the common man never had a choice too pushed aside to use our voice does our pride still run so deep that we don't
All delighted people raise their hands

And I took you by the sleeve
No other reason than to be your leading man
And you woke up with a fright
of choice
From the people
Repeating the errors, inventing excuses
To profit from conflicts

Reputation, reputation, mortality of the men

A world so godless
We don´t sing for the choice of the nations
And your heroes so corrupt and true
We don´t sing for those great reformations
For crime and for
of all misery 
Imprisoned by the lord of deceit 
Entwined in a world of chaos 

Enslaved, compiled, degraded 
Death is a choice 
Hail thee for no
to the ground
Crushed by their own greed
An unquenching need to destroy
Empires will fall by my design
Lust of power speeds
Time people need to destroy

I am appointed by Jah
To go everywhere and preach
People of this world
Request that I speak
I am present in the studio
Seven nights
on my way

When I was a young boy people try to tell me what I should be
And then a wise man sang decide your own destiny
Auntie said choices you make
of it 
In a world with so many choices 
Just give your heart and then stand by it 

Two people in love 
I wonder if they know how much they meant
to obey.

The choice lies with the manipulated
Whether to be incarcerated or emancipated.
Power reinstated
To the people now back where it originated.
It's your choice
Raise your voice (whoooahh)
It's your choice

I am a messenger
I'm passing a message to you
A messenger
Passing by this night
dig their own grave
They dig their own graves by the life they lived and the choices they made
Dig their own graves by choices they made; now it's too
Down by the Jordan, it's early in the morning the sun is in the sky 
All the people pass by there's magic in the air, 
Some stop to stare at a man
to hear your voice
I don't want to see your face
I don't want to have no choice
In my mind, I want no haze
In a chair
In a chair
In a chair by
their time
The people walk in crooked lines
Everybody's got their choice
But often we don't use our voice 

[Chorus: x4]

Busy Bee watch the world
How come there's so many people willing to suffer?
So they get up and suffer every day
They think they were put on this earth to suffer
And by god
as they do
Pulled by the sun and the moon
Forever comes too soon
People come people go
But still I'll never let go
Ideas come ideas go
Still I'll
thousand have died

Taken by force
Controlled by fear
Death squad police of the right
Must stamp out subversion
Dissension, unrest
Those who oppose