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Motherland's victorious march.

Sail on fearlessly,
Pride of the Northern Seas.
Hope of the Revolution, you are the burst of faith of the people.

People passing by, all through the night
They use my senses in strange ways
She knows just what you are, like a fading star
And she uses my senses in
How can there be trouble in this world? 
With the color in these hills, the blue October sky, 
this little road that winds along the river. 
the strange rain and washed my thoughts away

So stop in the sky and tell me why
You're changing your colours before my eyes
Yellow, blue, green and grey
Beck here the leaves are turning
On me just like you
Change is full of color
And it's anything but blue

I thought that I'd stop living
As you are rising 
To bring me my forgotten ways 

Strange how I falter 
To find I'm standing in deep water 
Strange how my heart beats 
To find I'm
forget-me-nots have bloomed
I walk the ridge till sundown and whistle a lover's tune
They've put me in the same old bed and the people here are kind
I get
Days and nights falling by me.
I know
of a dream I should be holding
days and nights falling by
Days and nights falling by me.
Soft blue horizons
make mistakes)
People are saying
Strange things
And I don't wanna listen (I don't wanna listen)
Too much yeah
Nothing but blue sky
Blue Sky
(gotta make mistakes)

People are saying
Strange things
And I don't wanna listen (i don't wanna listen)
Too much yeah

Nothing but blue sky
Blue sky

October catch you dreaming
Of Central Park in June
Or is love lost beneath the frost 
Of aumtumn's moon

SUmmers by the sea
When the sun would linger
It's just too bad October didn't
Do the same. 

And I sure wish we made it by
Valentine's day 

See baby
Baby you gotta know
That I know,
us if they could

Aurea & Women
Angel of Mercy, people are suffering
All over the world
Spanish children are taught on their knees to believe
And when it starts getting blurry
Ones never better than two

There's a place in this world
Where people like me are found by people like you
So find a place
Lightnin', it crackled all around me
Storm clouds are movin' in
The blue smoke cleared so fast around me
The strange hunter's gone again

I looked up to see
Southern man, you sure are pretty,
Got a smile to still the city,
And Lord, you know, you got those sleepy eyes.
Alabama sweet-talking baby,
dresses are ever the same

How strange it seems to be me
If tomorrow I opened my eyes
And found myself somewhere else
I wonder who I'd be

This town has no seasons
It's the middle of October,
And you'd think there'd be a nice,
Cool breeze by now (but you'd be wrong).
The summer lingers
To look in my baby's face
Makes me feel so sad and blue
To look in my baby's face
Makes me feel so sad and blue
When she's gone to a strange land
to hate you by now but I can't give up on you. 
October's at the storm door coloring the lawn, and I'm in a strange house with a girl I hardly know but
a deadline,
A press headline,
Every sorrow.
Blues value
Is news value

Twentieth century blues
Are getting me down.
ripe tomatoes
I'm crazy bout my t-bone steak
Said, I'm gonna find me a faror
To share my Cadillac Eight

I got the railroad blues
Troubles come ov'are my
standing by the live oak tree, in our yard on Canyon Lake
And I'm driving under miles and miles of clear blue Texas skies
Some strangers in a pick-up truck,
If you ever get the chance to go to Dallas
Take it from me, pass it by
Cause you'll only sing the blues down in Dallas
Take it from me, don't go
The antique people are down in the dungeons
Run by machines and afraid of the tax
Their heads in the grave and their hands on their eyes