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to girls? 
What's a poor boy to do
I'm tangled up in their curls

How do you talk to girls? 
How do you talk to girls? 
Out of wisdom and out of pearls
the western world
Guarded hearts hidden like precious pearls
Who can reach you, China

All the ancient wisdom
Passed down through the ages
Still has left
asked to wait
For the promises of rain
A pearl of wisdom entrapped by poverty

She gives love with purity
Filling minds with hopeful schemes
To build
I remember when you took a stand
With the pearl of wisdom in your hand
And a soul of desire
You hold your own up against the world
A lion's heart
The world was her cloister, the abbess Duboir
In the convent at All Hallows fair
A pearl in an oyster she shone like a star
Augmenting her
these pearls of wisdom on me

He say, business is business, nothing is free
Business is business, don't you blame me
Business is business, you've got
The earth produce lava like the mouth produce saliva
This wisdom goes deeper than your scuba diver
In search for the pearl jewels sold to Tiffany
She said the city was dead and gutless I cried for the city.
You gotta move to stay alive.
You do the very modern jive.
Oh, once I knew what that wisdom
Will wend it's way with thee from sleep?

"Rouse my disease
And with cadent naked dance I shalt teach
Thee wisdom of darkness
From earth
Sleep now my love, my sweetheart you are
Hide the pearls of your eyes away from me far
All is so silent as in the grave this now is
Many a truest word
Has been spoken by the Jester
Standing against the tide
Is the noblest of gestures
It's the little pearls of wisdom
That tumble
in here
But it's so hard to find
I've been searching my mind
A little pearl of wisdom for the later years
When the thread of this life starts to unwind
shining like eyes

Shooting the breeze as the clouds roll by
A face in the rain and a voice in the sky
Showering wisdom like newly formed pearls
fingernails are all there's left to paint in her world
She dishes out the dirt with the party powder girls
Who think love comes in diamonds and wisdom in pearls
The new J's is coming out?
Oh I gotta grab that
But get that wisdom out my face and show me where the cash at
Then He placed a crown upon my head
Fuck this world, that's why we carry on
By the Email Fidel, tell him meet me on the D.L.
No longer a free world, think of shank or Verra'
This for you (uh) there ain't one day that go by
where I don't think about you (yeah)
This for my mother, Rest In Peace (uh)
To you and yours
The words of the wise and the riddles
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge
But fools despise the wisdom and instruction
Heed the instructions
build our house of earth, water and stone
But of wisdom, pure intentions, conversation
Compassionate action, with purity of heart
We might get