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Yo, turn it up a little so you (Focus)


Homeboy I ain't never gon' let em take me under
I maintain with a mindframe to bring the rain
Yo, turn it up a little so you (Focus)


Homeboy I ain't never gon' let em take me under
I maintain with a mindframe to bring the rain
Yo, turn it up a little so you (Focus)

Homeboy I ain't never gon let em take me under
I maintain with a mindframe to bring the rain
We fear what we see in the distance
We're shattered by life's soft deceit
Enslaved to our thoughts by our reason
Refusing to walk with the weak
out the race 
To walk through world by one's self 
You can't be protected 
Your trust is in whisky, weed and Black Sabbath 
It's goddamn electric
get now
Eyes going in and out of focus
Mild and bitter from tuberculosis

Forgotten man
Indifferent nation
Waiting on a platform at a Lancashire
The bird in the wood
The murmur of summer
The rising of blood
The mother soft songs
The children's prayer
And the noise of the earth
Gently falling
also a carrier of light 
As I use this focus through the dark 
And face the sunshine in the dead end

Limitations do not exist 
When you are ahead
Follow all familiar paths now
Accessing all human minds
Injecting my veins with your hatred
My focus never stays the same
Pure! So fresh I can test
Some kind of light
Dancing in the distance
Breaking through the night
Path of least resistance

Fallen to earth
Gone in the morning
on a path
Never to arrive
By the look on your face
The burden's on your back
And the sun is in your eyes

Stretched out, far and wide
The light that scorched
A distant sound of black rain in the water
The pale moon shining soft through a cloud
The sun is turning black in the horizon
The wind is slowly tearing her
convictions lack definition and form
Every day there is a bleeding , every time I watch the world slip by
Focus, the blind pretension underscoring pain,
To help me focus on what is important
For it and for them
I have been eaten by dirty blocks of concrete
And concept-paper
But in the end, as I was
the paved black path

The will to remain - find the strength to carry on
Mobility remains - the only way now to cope

All faith is lost - to blame a god-less
which she crushed in the rush,
Heard it sigh and left it to die.
At once felt remorse and were touched by the loss of our own,
Held its poor broken
with space and time
Led by instinct and emotion, ruled by heart and mind
Taking it all in
For each breath I give I'm closing in
The path that leads you
the total mass retain

Down at the edge, round by the corner
Close to the end, down by a river
Seasons will pass you by
I get up, I get down

In her
Chance doesn't exist
But the path of life is not totally so predestined
And time and chronology show us how all should be
In the ways of existence
The only darkness ahead of me's the shadow I cast in my path
(What's that?) That's the weight of my craft
I breathe easy, and let my chest slowly contract
the pack?
We for shack ship, you know laugh it off
Years just blow by
My eyes stay fixed but the picture's kinda outta focus
I cry a lot but admit to it
I went someplace where some friends and I
Spent some days in the years that had gone by
And one was there it seemed by chance
On the left side
I lost myself in shapeless oceans
Whose depths concealed more than they showed
Beliefs obscured by mists around them
A legacy they'd been bestowed
I've got the full moon fever
A black cat cut across my path
Put a little spell on me mademoiselle
I want somebody to lobe me back
I need somebody
live in a dark world, where no light shines through
I carry this burden with every step I take
Thrust myself into a new days end
And focus on the hour