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made by great men [Repeat: x4]

The past lives on in your front room
The poor still weak the rich still rule
History lives in the books at home
great men
It's not made by great men
It's not made by great men
It's not made by great men

The past lives on in your front room
The poor still
Absent friends shall live by love 
And the dead shall live again 
Absent friends shall live by 
Love, love, love, love

And I remember
already know

[Repeat x2]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Live through the past again
How many times must I live through the past again?
No more

Truth beyond
Holding on to the past, while the future slips you by
The past, like the present, is just another lie
This is the only chance we will ever get
Atonement means nothing without change to devour the folly of the past 
You live to destroy, your words are a cancer 
And for this you are
Is out of this place
And some people say that the way that we live
Is blinded by fate
All colours we chose
You're climbing mountains, I'm on a hill
You're always running I'm standing still
You live for the moment, no future no past
I may be a fool to love
through the years

Only if I lied could I love you
Nothing of our lives could we share
Only could we try to get by on a sigh
Just because, just this
So what exactly are you saying
You'd like to live your life between the sheets?
No destination
The hour's getting way past getting late.
To find
to live each and every precious moment
Don't be discouraged by the future forget the past
That's old advise but it'll be good to you
I know there's
The widow says
It's hard to live
With a man
A man like me
The widow says
It's hard to live
On the lonely version of love I give

And I've seen
Though we wander by a river of tears

Where sunshine won't come through
Let's find that paradise where sorrow can't live
And learn the teachings of forget
By day we're dormant
Because it's too hot outside now
Nocturnal notions (as we leave or cocoons)
Antennae tuned to inhuman vibrations
Where and why I'm destined to go
Right here and now that's all I know
On either side future or past
Neither is real both fade so fast

So one by one

Always seems to be
Something in the past
Won't let us last by

We we're together
Our love was very strong
Until you waited, brought
Sands run low
Or was it high
Time sees no end
No end of time
Lives pass in strains
Yet seem to last
Infinite beings
Knowing no past

and I'm letting it kill me.

The past lives.
And she waits for his returning 
When beauty lives in memory 
It lives forevermore 

She was a fairy princess once 
And was by all adored 
They say she was
The old house on the hill
A call from hell

Far from people, he lives in the past
Alone by himself, always alone to the last
A saw, a drill
pass you by 
Here's your life, you're gonna get it right 
Live like you'll die tomorrow 
Die knowing you'll live forever, live right 
Love like
to lead her, to guide her
Now I'm alone painted by the color of scorn

And all that remains
Are the scars to remind me
And all the lives I've thrown
the road to nowhere's gonna pass me by
Ah ah, I hope we never have to say goodbye
I never want to live without you

The wreckage of my past keeps
There you go bringing back
Those old memories
Things done in the past
Why don't you let it be
Could it be I misunderstood you
But I thought that
fec = tious - infectious
Fire and blood
Fire in blood
Wounded by the past
Hour of need
Jaws of greed
Breeds infection fast
Life - kills - live
In = fec