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Remove your clothes
Take off your clothes (Strip!) [3x]

Out the shower, we butt-naked
Cash and ass, we don't fake it
Measuring tape, by four
Jenny's daddy was five years gone
By the time that Jenny was six years old
It was her and her mom and her parakeet Pete
In a little blue house
linett at ground control and soundcastle
Bluegrass sections recorded by rob dimit at twilite sound
Brian wilson/andy paley


Ride 'em
Ride 'em cowboy
Faded jaded fallen cowboy star
Pawn shops itching for your old guitar
Where you've gone, it ain't nobody knows
The sequins have fallen from your
slaughter that I just committed
I guess that firewater must of did it
All I remember was a loud noise, then one louder
Then ten cowboys laid out smellin' like
the (whoop whoop)
bubble gum flashing in my rear view
spraying freshener trying to steer too
Throwin out my herbs on the passenger side
Got the windows rolled
X-rated films
Of myself, running up in beauty queens
But let me tell y'all niggas the difference between y'all and me
You see, man I can tell all that
And by the model of my vehicle you know that I ball
A 92 but 91 the year that Tyler was spawned
And If I crash [?] then I'ma follow with this
Like I'm
"Get down, get down"

My AK is puttin in much work
Poppin the clip a little voice in my head said "Murder"
Stuck the tip out the window and fucked em
Suicide doors on the passenger side?
Do the windows roll down? do the doors lift high?
Do the car change colors when that bitch drive by?
critics won't admit, how I can and still exist
Its a introduction, discussin the info
Stuck in my mental window, that's meant to function
Let the people be
This is the ballad of the black gold
They call it Texas tea
But it's bigger than a cowboy with a lasso
It's deeper than a black hole
by the window, wit an AK ready for niggas wit their gunplay 
Cap peelers, drug dealers, I thought you knew 
that if you fuck wit one of my niggas
gots to get up
This is from the heart baby, don't get it twisted
Ahh X RATED!!!!!
like Killa Cam

The on-the-grind pilot's, flyin again
Usin my name you a passenger, so keep silent

E's what you're listenin to!Def Squad

The crew
you get 
a X by your name. 

3rd Verse: 
Now, what makes you think that you can play some 
real playa's play, nights on the phone with
enough to be with it
All in fun and games and keeping it cool
But my my, when you're kicking it, time flys by
Cause every hour's a minute, and every
Makin it x-rated drinkin Allizey and gettin high
I fin to get next to you baby and flex with you
Body chemistry tellin me to have sex with you
the back door, by the way
Why you tryin' to play that mack fo'?
If a nigga gotta pay a triple x hoe,
Then you gotta be a hellafied nympho
Open up let some
by the way
Why you trying to play that mack for?
If a nigga gotta pay a triple X hoe, 
Then you gotta be a hellafied nympho
Open up let some air
bitch, do your momma know you outside,
Hanging in the passenger window, of my hoo-ride
And I can barely see the ass, stacked off in the pants, and she
you the worst
Punk ass nigga kinda jocking now
You ain't down cause I trust nobody

[chorus/master p]
I trust nobody x2

[master p]
One by one in this
buck, buck)
Hit the driver's side window, as they crash into a pole
(..? ..), with a few left in the clip
Some for the driver, the passenger
And the rest
Chant tunes by the Whispers
Same corner where I banged at with niggas
Cops drive by and grin on us
If they grabbed then 
One of them nosy