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The opium groove, the smacked out soul
The kickin' it live the fat gotta roll

A nickel bag of funk

A nickel bag, a nickel bag Ladybug'll hit ya with
and night feed off humanity
Scraping by on the remnants of life
No cure no hope no way to change
Paper bags filled with liquid love

No reason to live
Remember that lick we had hit (yup)
Broke in and we found the stash (okay)
20K right by the stand (20k)
Wrapped up in a brown paper bag (ah)
That wasn't
There's a man with a burden to keep,
Now sleep will fall, washouts, rags and paper bags
Homes and lives passing by.

Who will see the beauty in
I give you what you need, proceed to keep it raw
Your choice, you can live or die, either or
Have them candles and flowers by that bodega store
Yeah it could come from a hamburger bag or a bubble gum wrapper
It's a day in the life of a little scrap piece of paper

There it goes... here it
murderers, drug spot burglars
Niggas doing anything to acquire that paper
Live the life of crime but got saved by the rhyme
Peace to all my niggas doing
by nature
Yeah, can't knock the family for this paper
Yeah, and if you make it through the day, bro
Yeah, pray to God I ain't stank ya, bitch

I got it
just wanna new zip code for an old dream
Lost in an appetite now the big apple might
Find her habit of a queen
Feel the negro that's filled with
the reaper sweepstakes

I could slip in the shower or get mad cow disease
I could stop and smell the flowers
And stung by a swarm of killer bees

I read
floral print dress covered by an apron.
Is that enough? She says.
She knows.
No, I say, more please.
Butcher paper one knife no fork white bread
Let's dodge rain drops
Follow me

They say I always left a paper trail
Duffle bag in the attic, now how that paper smell (Woh)
And I musta left
Aiyyo let my niggas live
We show and prove get paper, catch me in the caper on shrooms yo
Let my niggas live
We real niggas that's God-body,
Paper bags and plastic hearts
All our belongings in shopping carts
Goodbye, we got one more night

Let's have fun and ride around
Make peace
You see I don't exactly have my papers with me i.
You don't have papers?
I may have left them in my other bag.
He has no papers huh.
He has no papers.
about my misery 
I`ve seen things you will never see 
Don`t pity me 

Focus in on the breath of a man 
Who takes a brown paper bag 
From his
Paper bags and plastic hearts
All our belongings in shopping carts
It's goodbye
But we got one more night
Let's get drunk and drive around
Paper bags and plastic hearts
All our belongings in shopping carts
It's goodbye
But we got one more night
Let's get drunk and drive around
Show me the spot

I had to get paper use to move white
Did it 24/7 morning noon night
Had to hit the block early in my true life
Grand your bound to never shine 

Me and the mics a love affair permanate warfare 

I'd rather die in here then have to live this life in fear 

down the middle man
Take the bones out man for real
Yeah all apple pie yeah
Straight up, Flipmode BK king

[Ghostface Killah]
It was the best heist
and the bundles of dope
Fishscalers, I live in elevators and gross
All this paper, profit maker lay there and post
Wit them Adidas that Bruce wore, stay in a juice
door and run  just for fun 
We went to the sto' and sold bottles fo' a nickel 
To feast upon a big bag of Cheetos and a pickle 
You could get a soda
where we live

A siren sounds and break the silence of the night
Minds getting black
No reconnection at all,
Destined to schedule a new meeting
cooler door. 
Smoke hit the ceiling, 
Let the ashes hit the floor.

Throwing loose ones in the brown paper bag.
I'm burning through funds cause life