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the moon pale and the midnight
Let these delight the strong
Where wild geese fly across the sky
Her voice is like the air
And the midnight dark is in her
It’s a-coming.

Wild fires, dying lakes,
Landslides, hurricanes,
Apocalypse in store
Like nothing ever seen before.

It’s a-coming.
on fire with a wild desire
Climbin' these bedroom walls

My heartbeat's gettin' stronger
Baby, won't you rock me slow?
I can't take it any longer
You got me
sins—the slit of a wrist 

“I was forged by fire—a daughter of the canyon lands
Hell’s spawn of liars—raised by the dead in the sun-scorched desert sand”
fallen and abandoned us?

As I'm stalked by the shadow of death's hand
The fire in my heart is forged across the land

Here at the edge of this world
wondering who I am
And I stay up all night dancing in the sand
I've been curled up by the fire
I've been dreaming like a dog
And I feel like this pale
Creeping fire
Seizing power
Riders of the lupus hour
Eye on palm
Time is gone
Moonlight drawn
Fly til dawn
Sacrifice to rise beyond
Deep inside
unless my cock's soft 
Long nights by the fire me a Trigger.....go figure 

I'm a desperate rado
Didn't take any practice
A desperate rado
RZA came and got me, this what I came to do, come on
Ring the bell so it's time to eat
Brick Dog stash weed inta AMI-seats, bomb inside the palm
the light o' day or under the peak-faced moon;
In cabin or dance-hall, camp or dive, mucklucks or patent shoon;
On velvet tundra or virgin peak, by glacier,
Will they ever let me go?
With them I've combined (miss that by the wanted, no)

Fear creeps over me
Pupils dilate
Pale I become now
Face with wild
Pitbull, test a fire of gun powder.

Bright blue speck of light, cause from handstand
Dime in the jukebox, '65 Mustang
Pepsi Cola, palm tress,
straight lifted a nigga
How we moved his organs with kickback, shifted a nigga
Wild shots fire, everybody scatter like rats
Leavingg nothing but gunpowder
trying to destroy ya 
Don't let them throw ya off course 
Keep that money safe buried in your backyard 
And beware of the pale horse 
These tragic
you can't handle it[Meth]
Ha, holla cross from the land of the lost Behold the pale horse, off course
Follow me, Wu Tang gotta be The best thing since
Of The Earth To Kill By Sword,
Famine And Plagues And By The Wild Beasts Of The Earth
Seal V
I Saw Those Who Had Been Slain Because Of The Word Of God
And I
(inspired by the work of Edgar Allen Poe)
I. Red Death
It was a time when life was short
Long devastated was the land
Never had there ever been
dance with the devil
Under a pale moonlight
While big brother's eyes watching'
I'm mobbin' through the street
Wild deep
With a clique full of goons
this one for my thugs

Hey yo, niggas want to drive by the hood and dump
Come on stupid, I clap up from your hood to the trunk
Foot on the floor,
When the smoke clears, I'll be the only nigga standing
I won't leave a witness, I'm a thug what you don't see the killa in my eyes
With this fire arm,