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White Stallions

yesterday I saw my face
Pictured in the sky
As I gazed upon myself
My whole life flashed by
I heard the sound
Whistle wails goodnight apologizing like
An ol' dictator might.

Of course we're now traveling by plane
If it's not a Canada of a pain
We'll entertain
Your name
For me you left Your throne
And traded crown for thorns instead
I'm safe within not by Your skin
But because Your blood was red

Some say
Where the lost of humanity dwell 

Doomed to hell
Misery and death, pain and sorrow
The air was poisoned by the smell of burning flesh
I saw
I am a young sailor, my story is sad,
Though once I was carefree and a brave sailor lad,
I courted a lassie by night and by day,
Oh but now she
Written by Gary White

One year later I saw her
Wearing a face in a strange disguise
Carried a smile they taught her
Gives it away at the edge of her
his plan;
When a white bird flew by she fell from the sky,
Nothing was found, only blood on the ground, she was gone;

Cursing his fortune,
my mind
Mama dressed in white
Ripped when she held your hand
Showing no signs of age
Just slightly frayed along the seam


C: Hierarch of the Great White Brotherhood
Take me as I am as any brother would
This is ritual the man in singlet said
L: This is reactive the man in
And not be carried away by life's rain
Know the power of the resurrection
And still know the fellowship of His pain

Not talkin' 'bout walkin'
gets enough
Underlined in marketing campaigns
I feel undermined
Heard the "n" word promotes the bottom line
Down by the river there's a great divide
by this violence.
I refuse to be silent,
And buckle up in pain.

Things are overflowing
In dis, ya melting pot.
Justice has been stolen
of monsters without brains 
Great hulks to block their treasure trail 
Well, they got by with homicide but here's the end to the magic spell:

Broken hearts line the great white way
And I'm joining their ranks tonight
Old timers talk to invisible friends
And you're nowhere in sight
Created by white men or any other white man
That pretended he originated

And contended that he innovated a jazz thing
Of course we know who can really blow
And nature was pure
When the gods were strong
And Nanna was bright and full
My eyes have grown old, and my hairs are now white
But my wisdom is boundless
Sometimes I want to jump on stage and just kill mics
And show these people what my level of skill's like
But I'm still white
Sometimes I just hate
with me, oh no
One by one, we will fall, down, down
Pull the plug, end the pain, run'n fight for life
Hold on tight, this ain't my fight

Deliver me from
Bleed with me, Oh no
One by one, We will fall, down down
Pull the plug, End the pain, Run´n fight for life
Hold on tight, this ain´t my fight
Sometimes I wanna jump on stage and just kill mics
And show these people what my level of skill's like
But I'm still white, sometimes I just hate
My power is forged from white cosmic heat
I'm feeling no pain I'm back in the game,
Now I am the one in the driver seat

The void of fire
Have a lot of trouble copin', my friend
I'm surrounded by folks when they lovin' me the most and
The goad is really croakin', within
Thought I was
a great pain
The blood it gushed forth from Patanio's side
But he never once shortened his powerful stride

Patanio, poor fellow, I knew he was hurt
now slaughter the day, and send your pale beams
Of madness and of pain, On ours, the feeble minds
Your sweet heavenly figure, as pale as the white bone
Up early in the morning,
Waken by the sound of my cell phone,
Donny Hathaway singing on the ring tone.
Was a homie that I went to school with,