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by stone (reinstate)
Overcome this overload (restrain)

This pain

Betrayed by my soul
The blame placed on my shoulders
other face

War of races
World without intelligence
A place consumed by time
End of it all

We're born with pain
No more we're dead
Embers and ashes, sweet-smelling dust
Are all that remains of a fire that burned
Beyond my control
Embers and ashes, softened by tears
A bitter
your rubs would all be in vain
But you could relieve me of my pain - by lighting a fire in my name

Don't throw my writings in it - you might just
to think of your

You swore to god in veritas
And burned our skin like it burned our souls
What gentle grief by causing pain
She hid behind maples
Obscured by the sun
Apocalyptic clash
Cities fall in ruin
Why must we die?

Obliteration of mankind
Under a pale gray sky
We shall arise

Face in the window in the night
Caught for a second by the light
Ashes of memories still aglow
Only for you
Portraits and pictures you once saw
Blinded by the light 
Crossing the land 
In everlasting night 

Paralyzed in pain, what will remain? 
Will existence rise again? 
Paralyzed in pain
turns to pain
As we awake to what remains
And sift through the ashes that are left

But buried deep beneath
All our broken dreams
We have
Face in the window in the night
Caught for a second by the light
Ashes of memories still aglow
Only for you
Portraits and pictures you once saw
certain mutilation
Now the earth drink it's blood
Unleashed by the wrath of the ancient ones
Thru the hatred storms of revelation
Excessive pain
Demonic forces will rise

Only ashes now remain
I've destroyed heaven high
God is drowning in pain
It's time for him to Die
Face in the window in the night.
Caught for a second by the light.
Ashes of memories still aglow. (Only for you)
Portraits and pictures you once
pain again 
This mind knows no wound 
The flame is dead left only with ashes of memories 
That renew faith in hate and my faith in myself 
Nothing can
to Hell
Was created by ourselves
The alliance against mankind
Has forced its gruesome powers
Only the bones will remain
Of our impure, damned existence
Like an army, falling
One by one by one
Like an army, falling
One by one by one

Now in my remains
Our promises that never came
Except this silent rain
Only the strong survive, they say
My silhouette remains
Fading remnants of today

So scatter the ashes
Cause I'm moving trough the past and

I'm on my
Smoldering ashes remain
Targets have been attacked
Regions left in ruin
With anger they react
Look upon all the fallen lives
This tragedy
the brain
Something is yearning
To escape the pain
Here in the fire
Only the strong survive
Ashes to ashes
Minds turn to dust
Lost in the whirlwind
A touch
All that remains
Of your dying world
Lies crumbling, twisted ruins
From the ashes - none will return


Shattered dreams forgotten
(lyrics: Andersson
Music: Andersson)
A serpent crawls in the ashes
In the remains of human misery
Awake but sleeping in the hour
pain to stop.
I became naught for a will remains in the ashes.
My heart moves and gets high. My eyes freeze on.
My heart avoids the truth
I know pain, like Kurt Cobain, or ain't I playing hurt the whole game
Dig it to the Earth's brain for worst gain
Focused like young blood on his
They call her Flame
For obvious reasons
And I'll admit that's its frightnin'
Whenever her lightening flashes
Only ashes remain
Don't get
the rain
Darkness cannot reach us
Let the angels teach us
Only love remains
We're lifted up by angels

You understand yet never say
How every plan