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Said a Brinks is coming through, at Fashion Avenue
At Tuesday at two, now we gotta form a crew
Of motherfuckers, who ain't going out like suckers
chillin and
Front on this and get dissed, motherfucker
Me and my crew, me and my crew we be chillin and
Front on this and get dissed

Ah one two
[P] I shot the motherf***er back 
[H] Right out the a** son 
[P] For n****z don't know how to act 
[H] What the deal son 
[P] I shot
Ballz part two huh?
Peep game broadcasting
Provided by mother fucking emina huh?

[Daz Dillinger] (in background)

[W Ballz D.J.]
For niggas don't know how to act

Yo NYC you N I verse seriously
Havoc and P Queens niggas so it seem to be
Monopolize strategies of war exercise  mega
yo yo 

[Chorus: x 2]
You Don't See Us, but we see you 
You stuck on sleep, get on your P's and Q's 
'Cause you will get crept, wit no discrept
flows wit two by fo's wit sand paper 
Now what is a MC if he can't flow 
Up next is E-Swift and my name is J-Ro 

We don't give a fuck if you down wit
When I go to war, I dun them
Could be this crew or that crew, I dun them
Could've joined that friend up, I will dun them
Out of town, that's where
Yeah, check it
Yo yeah I smoke weed now I don't give a fuck
And I also tote guns in case my dram pop up
It's crew love I spit two at every few
to dem muthafuckin cluckers

If you want something come and get something (2x)


I got fiends runnin out the fuckin crack house
I'm not P but I
Yeah it's a picture; yeah it's a job
Maybe that's why I do it so odd
Walk around just like I was god
Kick it so live, when I'm with the gods
me wit' no other by the flow, motherfucker

Dedicated to all of those with big ego's
Never fakin', we get the dough and live legal
Haters hate
meet your fate
I'm with Carlito's Way, rollin with the real
Protected to infinity in a security shield

Chorus: (2x)
I want it all
Surrounded by techs
that got the shorties in the smash)

Take one (take two) We comin through for your crew
(Who are you?) Talkin about you man (you can't Wu)
But you
Don't ever do that I run with two macs
And plus my crew back my every move
I choose givin' crews the blues
I'm open off the Damey
Obey me or get sprayed

The number one set and! Ghetto Music. Produced by 

KRS One. 

Widdy bye bye bye bye bye bye bye 

Widdy bye bye bye bye
is highly addictive
Especially when you're used to having money to live with
I thought step back look at my life as a whole
Ain't no love it seems
oozes, you shouldn't fuck wit crews
That's sick, Aftermath cause we rule shit
I'm Big Hit, don't confuse me wit no other by the flow motherfucker
my city then you choke 



Punk motherfuckers get two to the chin 
I don't give a fuck what ya got or who you know
yo (jump) yo (jump)
(first family) for the two (oh) oh (oh)

Follow instructions! crews, listen!
Who, is it? move (bounce!)
First family move
I don't wanna live no mo'
Sometimes I hear death knockin at my front do'
I'm livin everyday like a hustle, another drug to juggle;
another day,
the hoopty then I started racing
Turned off the lights a block away so he don't peep the caper
I see him and a bunch of cats by the bodega
Don't wanna kill
yo (jump) yo (jump)
(first family) for the two (oh) oh (oh)

Follow instructions! crews, listen!
Who, is it? move (bounce!)
First family move
a blessin' through 
Sit on the floor playin' Tekken 2
Lesson two I'm adressin' you turn out the lights like the World Class 
Wreckin' Crew bring out the best
your man and let him know P'll love to cut his
And n****z is gettin' shot down, two guns up
Double are, S.P. holdin' D block down

You don't live