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standing by the live oak tree, in our yard on Canyon Lake
And I'm driving under miles and miles of clear blue Texas skies
Some strangers in a pick-up truck,
a clown
You can steal the prize out of my box of cereal, baby, and
Replace it with a rat
You can walk up to someone who might be a little overweight
Class: No. 
Teacher: Values clarification is where your little minds decide which lives are worth living and which lives are worth...ahem... not
Looking out the window at the clouds flying by
I wonder if You moved them with a thought or with a breath
And as they pass, I see the beauty
The millionth chance they laughed, to take down his majesty's craft
To India they say, magic carpet float away, an October fateful day

Mist is in the trees,
Strap on your bullit proof vest and combat boots 
It's nigga nigga day
And this time we go come on you, 
Baby blue disguise that's wise,