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Overdub (Davíd Garza)

for it all down at the grand Ole Opry
You can go walkin' through the Hall of Fame
And one by one, remember the names
Willie Nelson, Jimmy Rodgers,
Johnny Podell got a magician up his sleeve
Stealth bomber timing and an overdub's voice
Good choice in restaurants and good value for money
let's overdub a little a little finger p-
No, no, no Clem no!
By greckins you put a little, little bit, a little finger poppin' on thar 
it's gonna be
Hé bien peut-être l'oiseau
L'oiseau qui dormait en chacun de nous

Hipster by heart but I can tell you how the streets feel
tend to work for all the ones who like to wig it

*samples cut and scratched by Alamo, including
"I got a story I want to tell you", "I
like to tell
I lace with overdubs

Now wassup, if by some haphazard
You see me in Rolling Stone or down the rap master
Up in the slot where you used to rock
Tonedeff's slays giants, as if my legal name's David/
What I say's Blatant, no apologies necessary to glaze the game blazing/
Touch overdubs or change