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Suicide, Suicide
Suicide, Suicide

The key lies under your skin
Your thoughts are governed by the Ruler
The Ruler dies - you take revenge
Suicide -
Death is near
Need the drugs
Poisoned blood
Transfuse death
Transfix the veins

By a shot
Makes you dead
A funeral
Get some pain and I feel alive born to end 
Close my eyes overdose on hell born to end 
Get run over by no direction born to end 
Breathing dead
call it love

(Oh Pete Drake)

Bo came by to see us he's a friend of days gone by
Danny played some guitar licks that made me want to cry
can overdose for fun
And go and visit Jimi and his friends

Hey! You're a wasted rock ranger
You'll live a life of danger
Sing this song and follow
just can't take the pace
We found out the hard way
I hope you understand
That my life is just my head
And I had an overdose


I used
[Originally performed by Black Sabbath]
[Original title - "Under The Sun , Every Day Comes And Goes"]

Well I don't want no demon to tell me what
by the "Skin O'My Teeth"
"This Was My Life," "Foreclosure of My Dreams"
May the past "Rust in Peace" in "Hangar 18"
And "Countdown to Extinction" just
and listen. 
You have no self control. 
This will take your life. 
Overdose and then indulge until you die. 
Pondering, we all ask the question why.
out of 
Noise to make 
Of jokes to tell 
And hearts to break 
For days burned and frozen lies 
The years that passed me by 
The child in me just
Smelling carrion

Rancid secretions are my aroma
Hallucinogenous odours of death
Eyes rolled back by an overdose
Of pleasant morbidious orgasm

living in jungles
The concrete age
A maximum overdose 
Of pleasure and pain

Life corrupting
Antisocial - controversial 
Living in
Drake back to life,
He'd understand...hold my hand

I wish a constant stream of happy shit,
Live world of leather

I wish the rain
If you're tryna meet with money
I'd be happy to connect ya
Life is, better than its ever been
Scheduling million dollar meetings with
They're paved in gold
Where they stole it no one knows
They pay us back
Consumer crack but no one's getting by

Out of this world
Come take me
rise to the slaughter
? Of the essence of our being

A species that boasts of overdose
That takes pride in deriding all other forms of life
Even our
Yo, I never fucked Wayne, I never fucked Drake
All my life, man, fuck's sake
If I did I did a menage with 'em
And let 'em eat my ass like a cupcake
Radiation overdose
Burning, melting flesh

Leaking slime of dissolving waste
Overflowing blackness of death
Creation is being torn down by abuse
To walk down the streets

She reads the newspaper of today
Another guy died by an overdose
But new victims are ready to die
Smiling faces of the big
down, yeah

Modern chemistry, big into business
Is the keeper of our neuroses
And we don't listen to our body
By the time it gets the overdose

Putted all together like Baby
Ice in my ear like Baby
All red whip like Baby
Your girl calling me baby
I'mma live my life like Baby

Girls I'm
a virtue, life is a handful
Friends, they'll hurt you, learned that from my grandfolks
Me under a lamp post while I got my hands closed
Haze to my brains
an overdose
Hangin' out
Hangin' free
Till our mama takes us home

Shimmy shimmy
Gimmie gimmie
We don't need you & we don't need love
Gotta have it
position and vent to ya'll but
40 Mom always say
Don't ask permission, just ask forgiveness, you know, so
Forgive me
Yeah I say

And life is so insane
Uh, and life is so insane, look what I've became, tryna make a name
All my first dates are interrupted by my fame
Because every picture taken is a fan