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Had all turned wicked and bad

As He looked over His creation
He was grieved by His own plan
But just before He destroyed everything He loved
business now
Truth be told 
The soil cries out for revenge
Truth be told 
And death is upon the ground
All around

The battle ain't over without
resists the storm
Dancing pictures on the wall
Close your eyes, make a wish
And then the sky begins to fall

In Noah's dream, in Noah's dream

Sisotowbell Lane
Noah is fixing the pump in the rain
He brings us no shame
We always knew that he always knew
Up over the hill
Jovial neighbors
It was part of our experiment
Went you said go and I went
Like a gooseberry on Noah's ark

I watched them file in two by two
And I set sail
It was a time of trouble
And a time of grief
Kings lay with whores
And begat thieves
Yeah the world was wicked
And their hearts were cold
with Eternity
We persuade you, be reconciled
The sons of disobedience
Will give account

Over and over, the scripture warns
And warnings are because
a pin hole
All I see is this opportunity
To see at least one of you in me
But I can't seem to win 'em over so
I swallow the humility

Fifteen minutes
the place where you are.

Hand-in-hand into a rented car.
Merrily into the abattoir.
Spilling out all over, I'll be Noah on the storm.
And two-by-two in
bangin' just like a loose cannon!
Blaow!  you better park, niggaz I spark
Niggaz like sharp niggaz I stay up rippin' shit apart
Niggaz float over water
Hey warm cider, barn full of spiders
Orange moon, starry night, particle exciters
In a pageant rivaled only by the origin of fire
Now add
a brick into a clothing line a boost commercial
And he's still talkin' yo "so who's commercial?"
Young like Noah move them birds by the two
Daddy need
better than Germany 
Since the first days you know of, till the last days is over 
I was always the flow-er, I made waves for Noah 
From a compound,
down the long hall
Down the long stairs 
In a building so tall 
That it will always be there 
Yes, it's part of a pair 
There on the bow of Noah's
since the first record by Damn Yankees
It was the day Ted Nugent killed all the animals
The day Ted Nugent killed all the animals

Imagine that,
say I gotta odd sense of humor, killer clown sittin' still by the window
Tough links in a crimson cape, sat there with my lipstick smudged
I got
When I first heard this song, I was a little boy growing up
Down in the state of South Carolina
The song had been written and recorded by a man
spare time
I caught a ride on Noah's ark, cus I had a pair of Puma's
And two chickens on my arm

That's true...... and when I came through
brothers bitching
Over fixin's that ain't fitting to be hitting.
On nothing splitting things that's bitten
And getting written off
Like a fatter bad
over Jehovah through the days of Noah, tremendous speed 

I ride the octavus seed, black seed, Sea of Caspainian 

Persian Gulf all the way
brothers bitching
Over fixin's that ain't fitting to be hitting.
On nothing splitting things that's bitten
And getting written off
Like a fatter bad
of the struggle
Walking over troubled puddles
Hustles in my chest, no hustle no progress
Extremities of life and it's process
Birth of a son, death of another
paper weights walkin' on stilts talking
You touched the hand of god and I'm like
What are all these evils that plagued the hearts of man 
By sweet
over everything that creeps on the Earth
As a ruler he was first
When they were finished they picked a spokesman:
I have given you every plant yielding
about April
So she chose to March, Ha
Damn another broken heart
I keep bitches by them two's nigga, Noah's ark
I got a seven on me
I call my dro' Lamar