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Sometimes they don't wanna give your credit to you
Wouldn't be a Destiny's Child if it wasn't for you
DC 3 forever I'm thanking you

Lord thank you for your
wish I could be more like you!
Sometimes they don't want to give your credit to you
Wouldn't be a destiny?s child if it wasn't for you!!!
Dc-3 forever
Move, change, and be, now!

[Chorus Three: sung by choir]
Searchin so looooong, lost in the clouuuuuds
Tryin to stay strooooong, and make you
that's why we on our own...

[Chorus] - 3X

See now when you do what you do, how you do what you do
When you do what you do, nobody can tell
strike a nerve
Ain't mean nothing by it
Dirty Harriet

And I be stepping to the left
You bust for Diablo, I still bust for UCEF
Try'na see me on the MC
The brothers, the brothers
Yeah check it out now

Now I'm the baby in the family
And I got three siblings
Three older brothers and we trying to make a living
[Verse 3]
You know what he said man? he got smart with me
He said call the mortuary, order some flowers
You quit your game but we ain't never quit ours
a bitch


It's a lot a talk about where y'all from
And who that makes you
Sellin yourself as the hardest fucker
In the world no thank you
education, labor, politics
Law, religion, sex, war and economics
See blacks were 3/5ths of a man with tax purposes intended
You think you're Afro-American?