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The young king, the lil homie Tyga
It's yo turn, nigga, it's yo turn, playboy
West Coast stand up to this Careless World, people
Global flying
She' don't know my name
She just know me by my aim (aim aim)
She just know me by my aim (aim aim)

Aim tyga man again
Got a little message for
Yo, yo, yo Steve, turn the mic on
Do a little outro and shit
Mike WiLL Made-It
Ear Drummers
Ransom: Releasing All New Songs
instead, you took a cap
They say Tyga and Diggy but Rocky been Jiggy
Curren$y from the Wiz ain't enough to get me home
Can't really hate when they compare
on the scene
If agreed than future teens vote for me
This election,make my selection, by the most lyrically
Holding grudes was never me, my budget won't allow
rendered obselete 
Just a relic at their feet 
Not cold enough - too human 

The doomsday machine 
Created by man 
Like a black dawn rising
to bed
Cause I'm the last real thing you've got
You're cursed by all ambitious thoughts
Is that all you've got?"

As for you you spin a story 
Rap ain't nothin' but cash, money, bitches, foreign cars and trees
Cristal by the cases, bad bitches by the flocks
I know I promised my niggas I'd
time, and yesterday's now history
Outro silence, and I'm on deck alone

Participating inside of this mutiny
Our ship's been hit by less than a mystery
car, got the trunk by the engine
So when I back back, I'm fronting on you niggas

Yeah, I love them strippers
Yeah, I love them strippers
Yeah, I
I got sand all by my bath water, candles by my wine glass
Women all on my time, imagine how my time pass
They say them freaks come out at night
wie 'ne Tuning-Messe

Die Nummer 1 in den Trendcharts
Drive-By, ich schieß' aus dem Fenster
Und steig' nie mehr aus dem Benz da
Was für
Draper, J Prince and every Jimmy Henchmen
Plenty killers and I know that Diddy with it
Tyga, chinchilla, really ain't no penny pinchin'
Knew that you
it has been along
We cannot sit by and see conscience become history
So come on, get up and dance
Dance this dance with me

(Gonna keep on dancing,
Throwing by the $100's watchin' strippers do the splits
Go on hit that flex, I ain't trippin' on the bitches
Probably, 1 out of a 10 in
There comes a time when we must sip the wine

I can tell by lookin ... that you're not mine girl
I believe everything I told you was true
There's a child
I do a wave by myself
Its very easy to mistake a mountain for a grain of salt, I know
In my opinion, though, I found heaven isn't possible, alone
I got sand all by my bath water, candles by my wine glass
Women all on my time, imagine how my time pass
They say them freaks come out at night
you by your neck
And give your neck a tongue lash
I need a woman that's compatible with this man
I want a woman who can wear lingerie and keep
fight the sky with a lightning rod
I'm riding high by the grace of god
I know the names of the men and dives
I've heard the claims of their tortured
unless we get violent

Wildin', this is for my niggas that smoke weed
Live life by the day, count the proceed
Blow it back, blowin' cash in the OZ
at everything
Go and make it bang, go and make it bang
Gettin’ followed by them hollows, go and make it bang
Niggas ain’t been to church in a minute
But it’s
upon who you call
I am like a scarecrow alone in the distance
G                                          D
close by, there are those who would see
I like it when it's pumpin'.
(repeat x4)

Outro by JD:
If you got a groove that you like and you like it a lot,
Pump it up, pump it up.
You know
My side, as I mob to the beach, on a mission
And I'm fishin
For my DJ Warren G, now I look for the bud's sack
And see where my loves at, on the lake