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Lead - Michael Amott 

We are rendered obselete 
Just a relic at their feet 
Not cold enough - too human 

Outro Lead - Christopher Amott
that ease the craze
I break a sack and blaze, headrush, rush by cause the weeds will be giving
you a whiff of the fifth that I'm sippin'
Straight rain
[Killah Priest]
It's time..

I'm tied up in the basement, blindfolded by nine soldiers
With rare paintings and fine sculptures, they spoke blatant

I know y'all in the mood, just go with the flow
And I can play rappin records and all disco
Like "Beat It," "Billie Jean," by Michael Jackson
my name buzzin
And I came in the game with nothin', stop frontin' nigga, talk shit now!

The year of the Blacksmith is not defined by any