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all my people
I don't care what club we hit
Wake up drunk like Ed Sheeran
Last night was perfect
I'm surprised I ain't dead
I took more shots than
your boy's career, still no arrest yet
Snow white yacht in my red Yeezys
Ed Sheeran got the city streets tweakin'
On a back block you may catch
Plex on the K.B., son, you get shiz-not
Right in your hiz-ead, you'll be diz-ed
Don't front on this nigga, I'mma from New York Ci-zey!
Ya'll butter
from trigger hap...
"Hello London, you lucky lucky people - Mark E" [sung by Ed Blaney]

I was walking down the street again and again
[mobile phone
your friends come around
She's the kinda ho that'll make you cry
The kinda ho you have to call before you come by
So why do you wanna kill when she says
for the radio, nor for the video
This is for the nigga with his banger by his shitter hole
Comin' out the box crazy bear cause his shit is swole