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The Orb

a red dwarf
I hope it never morphs
Into a supernova'd collapsed orb
Orb, orb, orb

The sun is a miasma
Of incandescent plasma
I forget what I was
Cold hearted orb that rules the night
Removes the colors from our sight
Red is gray and yellow white
But we decide which is right
And which is
undying is their vigilance
Rendition extraordinary, suppressing the dissidents

Followed, by orbs of glass
Watching our every move

Trapped within
This man will conquer fear
And Universe will shine
Shine ye spinning orbs of light
Shine ye crystal stars so bright
All ye harmonized by love
Set in
By destiny he's bound to live on eternally

And then the orb will be destroyed
Will be taken by the flames and lost in history
So the world can
Hot like an asphalt 7-11
Or maybe a suffragette
The hips sink ?
The orb ?
The face dripping Clearasil and cum
But by ?
I knew I'd seen that face
a whisper
Appearance brief and fey
Visions of holy sinners
Not seen by light of day
Spirits Of The Dead
Holy Fire
Burning the brain
Crossed with desire
I was in heaven and you don't care,
My lucent orb is fading bright,
All of this hatred turns you on,
You can taste my life forever,
Voices shadow
He was a stranger to himself,
A spy in his own camp,
And his money was his health,
All thrown to the dust by his very own hand.

Yet his beauty
Zircon's blaze might be a lure for the fad crown
In the pale interior of this empty Ark
Since the Orcoid orb's fast wounded me
Wuth the greatest
He was a stranger to himself
A spy in his own camp
And his money was his health
All thrown to the dust by his very own hand

Yet his beauty
Never safe from a tormented heart.
Battered by the crushing waves.

To All-Father, I pledge my sword of war.
To thee, I have sworn to slay all that
of the yearly cycle by being held at the end of the six month Eskimo night.
Something moved in the dark. A face as tall as a man -- a big, round,evil face
Suction needle inserted through the eye
Insidiously penetrating the frontal loap
Lids react with spasmodic tension
Matter extracted by tenacious
put all my eggs in a postmodern song
Lucy can't dance to the noise but she knows what the noise can do
Or this shallow orb mugged by reality
for overhead wiring
Stand with the wires all gone
Moonlight she crackles on looming orbs all
Peppered with rusty rivets
Yeah it's just a sudden town
Massive killer orb hovering around
Looking for a spot to blast the good guys on the ground before they know
What hit them from above
It's the death star,
So proud a history, replete with sanctity,
Orbs in their harmony, they sing their code to me,
Have you ever heard yourself, the orbit you are in?
Orb of Summoning was seized by the mysterious
Black Templars,a band of sombre, plunder seeking knights from the kingdoms to
the east of the Great Sea.
twinkle still in Argentine 
When I palmy doubt the rapid din 
To force the mare, the pain I hide 
As you're no longer by my side 

Mazed I helmed this
Every woman slain is my whore
And every precious child crying
A golden orb of fire

I stand with you now, my friend
I nibble at your earlobes
heart upon your rock I put my eye on the golden orb
As I weep for those unlearned the ones too stiff for necks to turn
Self help methods schemed by
gone to heaven
He's mighty daring mighty, right he must be some kind'a guru
He's out of orbit, out of orb...
It seems as if the rope was held by one
N Ap ertiaNoK al ruep, SerdneT tnaved L
Towers escaping by millions on floating platforms
Glowing from lunar reflection
Among these astral bodies,
Take my advice
It doesn't get easier watching the golden orbs floating out of the bars
And into space there's Frank Sinatra on the Juke box