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the sleeping a little too long
On a picnic 'neath the sky so blue
We didn't see the rain and heartache coming through
When it's all an old black and white
darling was killed in action
That's why I'm here, I'm searching for his grave


When I come to the spot where he's sleeping
I know it will
killed in action
That's why I'm here I'm searching for his grave
Somewhere here among

When I come to this far where he's sleeping
I know it will
the honkers coming
Landing on the lake of summer
Nesting there and waiting for a dream

When the morning comes and you’re still sleeping
With all those
who by nature do not smile
To everyone who cannot hold a pen
To all you heavy rounders with a headache for your pains
Who dread the thought of going
for someone new 
And all of those things I lost 
I was left condemned to a lonely life 
Then I went right back to feeling sad and lonely 
And only
engines roar

We're far from power, north of desire
Tired and bound by all those lies
As step by step, open tired eyes
A kiss of life, for sleeping
are never gone

But those were the days (those were the days)
Man, those were the days (those were the days)
We learned all the songs by Hank
boom on top boom, boom gat for gat 
And all the rules got the drop on you 
And let the nickel nine pop on you 

Yo, my crew in the front got it
There's no trace of the heartache I knew
It's been raining pain since you walked out
Baby that's all over now
'Cause I've cried my last tear for you

If you find your sweetheart
In the arms of a friend
That's when your heartaches begin.

And when dreams of a lifetime
All come to an end
It's a thousand miles from Broken Bow to Bakersfield 
And the highway's paved with heartaches all the way 
Leroy drove on lookin' for a better deal
are scary, those words are scary virgin Mary
I just tell her to spare me
I was in love two years ago and gave the baggage to my ex
It’s all for her
And said at least we had our chances
There's those who never have

So here's to all the soldiers 
Who have ever died in vain 
The insane
For all those bad years

Now I'm all alone
Time's no longer on my side
All that I've got left is a little faith
And a whole lotta pride

One touch and you set me free
I don't regret a single moment
Looking back, when I think of all those disappointments
I just laugh, I just laugh

all of a sudden 
Blessed are those who mourn 
For they shall receive great comfort 
But still I found death seems to bring forth life 

All your
down by the river
Heartaches soaked in wine
I'm just lookin' for redemption
For that wanderin' soul of mine

Pull me to my knees
As I drown in
betray your trust
Angel mine

I search all the time on the ground
For our shadows cast side by side
Just to remind me that I haven't gone crazy
pen and paper in my hand
I began to tell you every heartache
Every way I suffered for you sake
But the weariness I could not stand
I fell sleeping
are gonna come

Foundations crumble
Walls subside
We all break apart
When there's heartache inside
Hold back those years
Those tears
Cindy tells me, the rich girls are weeping
Cindy tells me, they've given up sleeping alone
And now they're so confused by their new freedoms
my life, I've paid for my mistakes
After a while, the strongest spirit breaks
I've had heartache and pain, it cut me deeper than a knife
But those
present in this land
Look in my eyes and trust me
Come take my hand
The looking glass doth break
Revealing all inside
A land of joy and misery
No place for
Happy when the daylight comes creeping
Heralding the dawn

Sleeping when it's raining
And sleeping when it's fine
Trains travelling
By above