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to the past
But here's to the future time to split this money money
Hindsight is 20/20, a toast to the past
But here's to the future, 20/20

Last couple years
Don't know why
The world turns out to be
The way
It is
As time goes by
Oh, I
Don't know why
True love turns out to be
The stuff
is 20/20 vision

Takin' time to catch up on some history
Tryin' to figure out what went wrong
With you and me
And it doesn't really matter
if I did, you'd just ignore me

I wear myself out trying to find an ending,
But I'll work this out when I stop pretending
That I could never let
at the bottom of his md 2020 neal was yellin
Out the window tryin to buy some bennies from a lincoln
Full of mexicans whose left rear tire blowed
the boards was a figure obstructed from view
20/20 is nothing at quarter to two
He stumbled over to confirm that this was true
And couldn't stop his screaming
before my time 
When the moon gets high then I'll be blind 
Mad dog 20-20's king 
I drink that stuff and start getting obscene 

I'm a motorcycle man
I guess the jig is up
Now all I know is I’m about to wake this nigga up
Yeah that hindsight, 20/20, now niggas dead on the money
Trying to take
and dad
So I was out on the grind
On the 279
Trying to show my songs to the world
Inspired by the streets
Fell in love with the beats
I never had time
I walk upon the floor
Did I deserve this?
I'm not quite sure

You need to take a step back, step back now
I feel it's time to start running
and come out the woodworks
When shit's thick and no time to think
Keith Murray gets busy off a Basic Instinct
I puff a L and drink some liquor
Sit down
by nature
Yeah, can't knock the family for this paper
Yeah, and if you make it through the day, bro
Yeah, pray to God I ain't stank ya, bitch

I got it
Now you got it coming, this time you're going down

Deeds not words, you should've told the truth
You're a liar and traitor and now we got the proof
Seems so much better than being alone

I was clearly guilty
Of only being able to see
The good you did for me

Is this a good time to mention
Some where
There's a fool born every minute babe
But this time it isn't me
It doesn't take 20/20
To see what I can see
Don't want to hear nothin' bout
the paratroopers parachuting over paris
Straight out the charismatic, charisma
I call that vision, been ridden by a thick one, divorce and marriage
Beautiful view
Resist to change shit
Peep this scenario
To the future, bro
2020 and some number of years ago
People rose up
Governments froze up
the pride, now ain't that somethin 
I'm dippin into your hood 
This ain't braile, but i'm bumpin 
Thumpin out the roaches 
Dungeon if ya'll missed it 
we just some amethyst rockstars
Amethyst rockstar
Amethyst rockstar
Amethyst rockstar
Amethyst rockstar
Try aim at this rock star!
Time just
I be living in the left lane
Passing y'all by
Sun roof rolling back, speakers up high
I be living in the left lane
Closing my eyes,
this cash 
Will I be subject to kill, live my life by a gat 
Just when I think I made it out, the street is calling me back 

[Intro: Ghostface Killah (Prodigal Sunzini)]
(It's beautiful God, love it as peace
Let's just get out together, man
In this hard world, I'm just
Down in Decatur
Where the haters get shown

Ride around the spots 
Where the pot gets grown
Now I'm feelin blowed
Smoke by the zone

Misfit dudes
this, y’all know it
Kept it one hundred ‘til the day I came through
My nigga hit me up saying “going out of town”
So I threw him fifty thou, told him
this, y’all know it
Kept it one hundred ‘til the day I came through
My nigga hit me up saying “going out of town”
So I threw him fifty thou, told him