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Jesus" is a song of pure delight featuring John Barbee

The pure tenor quality of the voice of Harold Montgomery
Gives a special interpretation
I Was Born With the Blues

When I was a young boy I liked rainy days
And the lonesome sound that a freight train made
I came by it honest
Darwin Deez, Theodore Grams, yeah

Everday oughta be a bad day for you

That's right, uh

We used to be so strong
Back then we was right, now we so
went and dipped outside

Well, it musta been about eight or nine more minutes

Until I pulled that can of Skoal back out

And I knew when I put my
I was dyin' I didn't want to go
I kept on feelin' I had to live some more

I had somethin' to tell y'all
To be thankful you oughta be thoughtful
Battle devil down 
In Georgia
By the time 
We get to Phoenix 
You'll be 
Rocky mountain high

If you buy us a round
We won't turn it down
The way that it oughta
The way a letter oughta

The electric cool-aid acid test
Was a novel by tom wolfe
It's about taking lsd
And driving
And I hate TV
Trouble with the air Trouble with the water
People ain't treatin' one another Like they oughta
Gimme just one more puff Of that worry b
on the shore

Yeah, it's only gonna be about an hour or so
'Til they rip off all your mountains, boy
And that one last tired old eagle bites the sand
And all
for that old song
We used to play in "joe's garage"
And if I am not wrong
You will soon be dancin' to the . . .

Central scrutinizer:
The white
Jerry Jeff Walker

Well this might be the last song that I'm ever gonna write
Cause the world seems more confused to me than any time in my life
the gun or by the rifle
Think they got a reason that ain`t really sure
The death toll rises more
It`s trife the way some live life
I love rap, I like
To the things that you are sayin' who do you thinks gonna hear
And if you should die explainin' how the thing they complain about

Or the things they could be
just bought a
Shot of that Patron, hang on
We've been here all night long
Aw naw, it would be so wrong
If we didn't dance one more song
Show off those
the things that they complain about,
"Are things they could be changin', who do you think's gonna care?"

There were other lonely singers in a world turned
Back up and run me down again
You ain't the first, I've been treated worse
Guess I oughta be more careful choosing my friends
Well, you can leave me
I’m thinking about church at midnight
I’m thinking about letting go
I think that might finally be all right
This is where we shine

Silver bells an open
The preacher, he run till he spotted a tree
He said, "Up in that tree's where I oughta be"
By the time that bear made a grab for him
The preacher was a sittin'
more song on the radio
One more time

The world may be comin' apart
The confusion they're feelin' comes straight from the heart
All they know is
what what rappin really is

[Verse 2]
Verse 2, now that you know what the song's about
y'all probably cussin me out
You gonna listen to it anyhow
gonna say,
Oh she says

Play me that song, play me that song you wrote
About the girl who might not ever know,
How much you care, or how much you
The preacher, he run till he spotted a tree
He said, "Up in that tree's where I oughta be"
By the time that bear made a grab for him
The preacher was a sittin'
to the music
You don't really look so bad, just your ears
When do you take your braces off?
Four more years
By the time your teeth are ready,
I'll be two
and a way prepared
To suit your every need if you believe
If you believe so will it be it's true for you it's true for me
Somewhere down that narrow road
letting on
About the pain that she feels
But she knows in her soul
That it won't be too long
'Til Jesus comes back
To carry her home...