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going be satisfied

I'll have me a harp of gold just like david's
When I get over on the other side
Gonna sing and play with a band of a million
the Key you'll find)...

David said to Solomon
When he was about to die
"You're gonna build my temple
When I'm by the good, The Good Lord's Side
Don't you
know that we can

We can do it
If we try
Let war and hatred
Pass us by

Throw down your guns and pick up the love
Yes I know that we can do it
I'm crossing over now to the other side
The other side
I walked by the church house late last night
Yea I walked by the church house but I didn't go
The other side, the other side, the other side of me

By day I play the part in every way
Of simple, sweet, calm, and collected
Pretend, to my

When that midnight train rolls by
And they hear that lonesome sound
They just hang their heads and cry
On the other side of town

Well it isn't
the book:
"burn 'n destroy...
'n repent, 'n redeem
'n revenge, 'n deploy
'n rumble thee forth
To the land of the unbelieving scum on the other side
no no nothing's gonna break my stride,
I keep climbing, gonna keep fighting
Until I make it to the other side of down, down, down

(Down, down)

bringing me dreams
And the sun never shines, but I see the bright eyes
I lie down by the side

The angels, not half so happy in Heaven
Went envying her
(Now I must try)
To change the position and make you stay
(Stand by my side)
What else must I do to convince you?
(Now I must try)
Some other way to make
of others

We fall 
Side by Side
Here I lie 
My questions answered 

Fear inside 
Is truth uncovered 
Why we fight 
Is shared in the other 

the ghetto 
Got away clean, ??????????? 
Tired as hell I put that suit case down 

[repeat hook] 
[David Banner] 

[verse 2][Yung Wun] 
6 oclok in tha mourin
By David Allan Coe

She's hard to get started
She's always so cold
In the mornings I find her -
She's looking so old
There's so many miles
I've been
on the short side of nothing

We danced all night as life stood by
We told another lie
Found a spot down by the roadside
There I closed my eyes

And here I am
the latest song

But David fights with Susan
Nobody gets along
Every other Sunday
It's time to make a call
Judy has a barbecue
Play the volleyball
be mine
In no others arms entwined
Down beside where the waters flow
Down by the banks of the Ohio

I asked her if she'd marry me
And my wife forever
on the short side of nothing

We danced all night as life stood by
We told another lie
Found a spot down by the roadside
There I closed my eyes

And here
stop counting
I'm lost in a free fall
I'm not free at all

The other side of fear is freedom
The other side of pain is healing
The madness keeps me
just wanna be left on the other side. 

Now they are adored, by every person and their friends too, man! 
People be breakin' down the doors,
will you stand in by my side

We'll turn the world around the other way
Back to where it started yesterday
Just take my hand, together
We can turn
never even called me by my name

You don't have to call me Waylon Jennings
And you don't have to call me Charlie Pride
And you don't have to call me
gonna be there, be there)
Stand by my side, and we'll make it through
I'm there for you, let's go!


Can you hear me?

When all the others
some things I didn't mean to say
Things that I am sorry for today
Down on my knees I beg you please
To turn the world around the other way

I never
, looking down I know that it's me
From the other side, looking fown it's the devil I see

Someone down there is saving my life
I see a tear being shed by
are wheeling, turning 
Paekakariki Beach on the other side
By the green of the hills and the rolling tide
I lay down in the ashen sand
And high