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Orion, won't you give me your star sign
Orion, get up on the sky-line
I'm high on my hill and I feel fine
Orion, let's sip the heaven's heady wine
Hidden far beyond
A giant red star
Orion shinin' on one side

Last time I seen light
Shut down round and round
Out on Orion's belt
The moonlight danced 
Out on the water's edge
We started a walk 
That hasn't ended yet

And step by step
Born into a hazy crossfire
The end result of innocence and ignorance
Flesh and blood cure for emotional strife
Vision obscured by a soft skin
I find a couple of stars in the sky
The rest are all being out shined by the light of this town
So I look down at the ground and see the stars in
Of the loneliness I hide
Inside out, upside down

Obscured by clouds, or underground
The sun and moon and all the stars
They bow down to you whenever you pass
Oh with the Lord of the Dance
With the Lord of the Dance
In the daring night

I see Orion and The Hunters
Standing by the light of the moon
If she's been havin' the same old dreams
Of lullabies and pale blue skies
Fallen asleep beneath the stars
Orion aims and shoots his arrows oh so far
Stars die, blinding skies

Hello Neil and Buzz, 
I am talking to you by telephone from the Oval Room at the White House
and this certainly has to be
system of Orion there appears
Light years away from mother earth, a star's birth

Starry sky
So come by
Forgotten traces so nigh
Your beauty repeals
It's in the whirlpool, where matter vanishes
Degenerate star, arm of Orion
An iron sun, the forbidden circle
It's a mountain, it's a black horizon
Our names are written on the stars on heaven's tree
Yes, nine by nine they die, just like you and me
These peerless eyes look down, giving us our
I am a point in the sky
A star in a constellation
I am all you see
I am Orion's eyes

A towering giant's sight
Me being of mammoth's size
This comes
king, gold strength unlike all what we have been before
Obscured legend lines hiding the truth of eternal...existence
Purifier of the stars, has a fire
When the night is young in the land I'm from
The seasons ghost away
The starts at night obscured by light
Can still lead me though this

constellations of Orion (whoa!)
The reason why my stars are in alignment (uh)
The renegade, Allahu Akbar, rock star
Tossin homemade grenades, CD's at NYPD cop
and far,
He always found his way by Orion lucky star
He'd tell them of their joys 
And he'd tell them of their woes
They love to see him come 
They hate
The one who'd never, never lie

The writing in the notebook
Notation from the stars
Songs by Desdinova
And frost warnings from the women's farm
I can make out the belt of the hunter Orion
He's climbing the heavens, he's sweeping the skies
I can tell by the stars in his glittering belt
always like to go to the islands near and far
He always found his way by Orion lucky star
He'd tell them of their joys, tell them of their woes
They loved
blue so bright 
Good fortune's found me out 
Up in Parry Sound I lie 
Waiting in sleep until the night goes by 

The high was on 
You're in mind
left save us two.

We'll stand in the stars
Spinning in a circle sideways
Silhouetted by a hundred million burning constellations.
I'm Orion upside
crowns our destiny!

[The Host of Z'xulth:]
Your realm is lost... it shall be devoured by the sea!

[The Chronicler of Antediluvia:]
And so it was
and immortality; by turning on the gods, slaying and then devouring them, and thus ascending to the heavens to become the star Orion. The concept was remarkable
The king of Orion brings
The jewels from his belt and his sword
The emeralds shine through the trees
To dance upon the high forest lord
I am