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Never believed it could happen to me 
Two people living their lives as one

This ain't 
No ordinary romance 
And no emotional distress
the peace
Without a gun
From Abilene down to Galveston

When he rode by the general store
People crowded through the door
To see the legend and the man called
of the people
The first and last name ever to this day

Now, I'm the man with the plan to shake the hand of John L. Sullivan
Fighter till the end, a legend he
Holy John lives down by the water
Savin' sinners and he wants your dollar
Tell the people that they'd better repent
Tellin' your daughter it was him
My son
What's the lie of the land
My son 

The good Book of John
Surrounds the son
Sound of ordinary on the waves
Italic scribble on horizon
An extra ordinary guy 

Can never have an ordinary day 

He might live the long goodbye 

But that is not for me to say 

I dig his friends
I live in the cemetery ol' caretaker they call me 
In the wintertime I rake the leaves and in the summer I cut the weeds 
When a funeral comes
The people cry and pray
They bury their dead
Then they all go away

And here I work
And I somehow hide
From a world that rushes
By outside

But each
Holy John lives down by the water
Bathing sinners and he wants your daughter
Telling people that they'd better repent
Telling your daughter it was
Harbors open their doors to the young searching foreigner
Come to live in the light of the big L of liberty
Plains and open skies, bill boards
(Words by Daryl Hall & John Oates
Music by Daryl Hall)

You and I have separate lives girl
You and I go different ways on roads that cross
When love
We could be champions
Do it together
Here for you
Are you here for me
We could be legends
Do it together
Shining forever eternally

To live
dem gangsta are no ordinary
People hear me find when me practice on the virginary
Badness! Dat a when dem revoloutionize
Dey know some boy a plan, we
Was it anything like that when you arrived?
Dream boats carried the future to the heart of America
People were waiting in line for a place by
shit tryna touch the sky
Jesus walks god testify
I'm a legend like John we're ordinary people
You only get one life there's no sequel
So you can't
[Repeat: x6]
So faithful

[Bilal & John Legend
So [Repeat: x5]
That's what I'm gonna do
Faithful to the end
That's what I'm gonna do
Faithful to the end
Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen
Robin Hood, Robin Hood, with his band of men
Feared by the bad, loved by the good
Robin Hood,
Harbors opened their arms to the young searching foreigner
Come to live in the light of the beacon of liberty
Planes and open skies, billboards
Harbours open there doors to the young searching foreigner
Come to live in the light of the big L of liberty
Plains and open skies bill boards
He lives in the love
That lives in our hearts

Words and music by John Denver and Joe Henry
retreated shuttering their once carefree lives
From unseen enemies which seem to plague not only the physical form
But the innermost thought

Driven by
John Pebble of Styx Enterprises 
"Get 'em out by Friday! 
You don't get paid till the last one's well on his way. 
Get 'em out by Friday! 
Hey now!
Hey now now!

Every night sun goes down
And the people are staying at home
You can tell your momma & daddy
Leave those children
by just to get by
Just to get by, just to get by
Our parents sing like john lennon, "imagine all the people watch"
We rock like paul mccartney from
All they could say is he was eaten by a gator
The legend lives on but Floyd he's at home singing
How how how how how

And the soul said
Aye, aye,