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Orale Primo (Hutchinson, Hutch) · 702 (702) · 702 (702) · 702 (702)

I heard your man was a homo

We can combine just like two five and DoLo
Tell me where to put it like solo
Meet me at 702 I like your steelo
To confess be my best what's the test
I'm willing to do whatever it takes
Make no mistakes
Orale I'm just a guy
Full of pride side to side
I'm trying hard
front, back, side to side

Rolling back home looking clean and mean
Armor-All on my tires bumping a cut by Al Green
Stopped at my homey South Central
[Verse 1]

I'm gangsta steppin

Representin my block

Jokes be the name

702 comin through yo hood

Putting hollow slugs all up in your brain

All up
with diamonds... limo service
Big Continental Lincoln bringin' me to LAX
Fans by the millions, catrillions
Tickets sold about two million
At the Great
a nigga strike out
But that never will happen, they hatin'
So I Jackie Robinson them with a smile
Ahead of these suckers by miles
I told you from jump
I'm not done {beat resumes}
Fuckin it up like this especially for the Brown 
So orale suvale in the Brown side of town
Don't be shy bump that shit homey